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ZPOP Dream Online Audition 2022 Season 3 India Registration Process Completed and check Eligibility criteria, Official Website

The most awaited show ZPOP Dream start their auditions for the next season. All those who want to participate in the show need to do registration online.

The Z-POP Dream is specifically a new show of generation. It is basically a standard for pop culture so it will encourage the pop culture of Asia all over the world.

The main motive to start this talent Hunt show is to encourage the modern pop and culture of Asia all over the world.

Basically, all the Asian stars like KPOP, BTS, Blackpink, Wanna One, PSY are now global sensations. If we talked about the popularity then it is all over the world. Their popularity is out of Asia and their contribution huge amount that is 46 billion dollars in the global music market.

If we talk about their success it is living proof that in a vision of new ways of marketing in the field of Music and also managing the celebrities it is also a work. These stars make their ways on and they will now create their own milestones.

This Show is founded by Norimitsu Kameshima is an entrepreneur. Is a mechanical engineer and studied at the Institute of Science and Technology Sinzoka.

ZPOP Dream Online Audition 2022

Today in this article we will tell you how you can participate in ZPOP Dream 2022. In this article, we will tell you how participants need to do ZPOP Dream Registration online. The process is simple and you can follow the steps and then you are able to register yourself for the z-pop dream project.

ZPOP Dream Online Audition 2021

Eligibility criteria of Z-POP Dream Show

  • Anyone who wants to participate in this show is a citizen of India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand.
  • Participants’ age should be in between 15 to 23 years at the time of pre-audition.
  • If you are a full participant all the activities in stars including professional training in Korea started in January.
  • Participants have to apply for a foreign visa.
  • You have to accept an exclusive artist management contract which is of 5 years for the show promoters.
  • You are able to be independent in case of handling or managing on school-related matters.
  • Applicants those are an employee of promoters for its respective division, authorized dealers or distributors, agent, affiliates or any other company professionals which are connected with the promotion are not eligible to enter in the show.

ZPOP Dream Key points

  • This show is worked and promoted under Cosmic Group Limited.
  • Participants can join this show by uploading their 30-second video.
  • Show fans can support the participants by sending them virtual gifts for their individual performances.
  • At the time of promotion, mobile charges third-party connectivity charges may apply.

ZPOP Dream Audition 2022 / Registration Process

For season 3 in 2022 of ZPOP, if you want to participate then follow the procedure which is mentioned below. The all steps mention step by step and you will get all the details in this article.

  • For ZPOP Dream Online Audition you need to visit the official website of ZPOP.
  • On the official website, you will see the audition form which is available on the home screen for the year.
  • Open this application form.
  • In this application form provide your complete basic details like your name, profession, email ID, address, country name, and other details.
  • After providing those details you have to upload a profile pic and full body pic picture with this application form.

Note:- Photos can be sent in case there is the option of uploading pictures. If they are not asking for pictures then do not upload your pictures.

  • The next thing you need to do is to upload your 1 to 2-minute audio clip.
  • This audio clip will be in the form of singing or rap in English or Korean language.
  • In case you have any questions or query then you can z mail on their official email ID zpopdreamph@gmail.com.

Note:- Right now there is no official announcement is released by ZPOP Auditions. So you have to wait for the official announcement released by officials of the show.

Official website of Z-POP


What is the main aim to organise ZPOP dream show?

The main aim to start tissue is to spread out pop culture all over the world through this Talent Hunt show. This is basically a show which and courage pop music and pop culture all over the world.

Which countries can participate in the ZPOP Dream talent Hunt show?

Asian countries like India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam are eligible to participate in the Z pop Dream show.

For Z pop 2022 online auditions are started now?

Right now, there is no official announcement released by the z-pop dream team. When the auditions will be started in India, then we will update it on our website also.

What is the age limit required to participate in the Z pop dream audition?

If you want to participate in this show then your age should be in between 15 years to 23 years.

We hope that the information on ZPOP Dream Audition 2022 online Registration is useful for you. In case you have any questions or query then you can comment on your question in the comments section below.

21 thoughts on “ZPOP Dream Online Audition 2022 | India Registration | Eligibility | Official Website”

  1. I’m a 16 year old girl from India. I’m interested in becoming a K-Pop Idol. BTS inspired me a lot. I like Priyanka a lot from India in Z-girls.

    1. Hi i am from india i am 15 years old i can speak korean little bit and can do both rapping and vocal my plus point is i can sing in korea

  2. Desperately I want to sing I’m 21 right now ..do I really only have two years left to give a try to dream please extend the age limit pleasee

  3. Priti. Pradeep Pise

    Hello My name is Priti I’m from India and I’m 18 year’s old I’m interested in singing I can sing in Korean as well I’m a good dancer also if you’re interested in me plz give me message Thank you

  4. Hi iam interest in this iam 15 years old iam from India iam a good dance and best raper please give me a chance

  5. Hai I am Anakha and I am from India and I am 15 yrs old girl. I am not well trained but I can sing, dance and rap . if I get a better training I will try for my best. and I love to sing English and Korean songs .
    hope I get a good chance.
    Thank you.

  6. Florence Khoirom

    Hii i m Florence,i m 17 years old and i m from India,Manipur i can dance , rap and sing and i m confused where should i register fot zpop auditions ….please can i get a reply

    1. I want to become an idol….it’s my dream …..I can sing and dance,I am fluent English speaker and i can sing in korean also ……
      I’m planning to do audition in 2022

  7. Hiii , I am from Kolkata
    I want to be a k-pop idol, this is my dream , I can dance and sing. I am 18 years old and I also learn Korean,but I dont know that where should I give the audition, please please reply me
    *Thank you very much to listening me

  8. Hi I’m Suprita from India my I’m 15 years old ,my dream is to become A Singer so I seen Priyanka is India’n girl she’s amazing so I want join, Z-group is organising new members so I came here to register if possible plz inform

  9. Princess Pavani

    Hii my is srivalli,iam from telangana. I can sing and dance. I’m 17 years old. I had posted some videos in glitsy app and and in youtube to. I’m interested in zpop dream and I love zstars.,

  10. I am Manasa I am from INDIA. Iam 17 years old. I can sing and dance too. Zpop is a great platform for talented members in any country. I want to join Zgroup. If it possible please inform meee.

  11. Oishi Chowdhury

    Hello! My name is Oishi and I’m 11 years old. I can sing, rap and dance. I really want to become an idol. If there is any way my dream can come true, please let me know.

  12. Augustya sohama

    Hloo every one my name is augustya sohama iam 15 year old
    Iam from india I want to join z pop if any possibility plz inform

  13. Rithika kakarlamudi

    Hi my name is rithika
    I am from india
    I am 14 years old
    I am a singer ,dancer , I can rap, I can play piano

    It has been my dream to become an idol I was 12 years old I love to sing and write song because it helps me decrease my stress levels and it also makes me happy. I want to become an idol because I want tell my story to all the people out and stay happy through out it

    Thank you this is your sincerely rithika, I hope I would get one chance to audition

    Thank you

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