WB OPD Ticket Booking Online 2023 SSKM, MKCG, SCB Appointment

WBDHFW WB OPD Ticket Booking Online 2023 SSKM, MKCG, SCB Appointment

OPD Servies are again open after covid pandemic. But most hospitals used Teleconsltution for their patients. Doctors use precautions at the time when they check patients. If you are from West Bengal and want to visit any hospital or Government hospital, then you can do WB OPD Ticket Booking The process of OPD Ticket registration is explained in our port very briefly.

West Bengal Health Department starts OPD services all over the state. Most in all medical colleges and hospitals are now starting OPD for old patients as well as new patients. So if you want to visit your doctor, then you have to do WB OPD Ticket Booking online.

OPD is specially created for outdoor patients who want to visit their doctor for a general check-up. In outdoor patients, there is no need of admitted to the hospital. Some of the old patients who want to consult a Doctor also use this service. In case any 2 patients face any health problems recently he can make their new five and visit a concerned doctor.

WB OPD Ticket Booking

WB OPD Ticket Booking process will be initiated on the official web portal onlinehmis.wbhealth.gov.in. SSKM hospital also comes under West Bengal Health Department. So if you want to visit this Hospital then you have to do SSKM Hospital Online OPD Ticket Booking. The main director of this Hospital is doctor Manimoy Bandopadhya.

WB Health Online OPD Ticket Booking

The MSVP is professor Dr. Piyush Kumar Roy. The complete address of this Hospital is A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata -700020. In case you want assistance or any type of query e then you can call on hospital helpline number (033) 033 2223- 6026, / 6242 / 1615 / 9735 / 6180 / 9692 / 8922.

As we all know that due to the covid-19 pandemic situation all government hospitals, as well as medical institutes, are temporarily closed. This is due to the covid 2nd wave that is very effective all over India.

WB OPD Ticket Booking Online 2023 SSKM, MKCG, SCB, PG

Topic NameWB OPD Ticket Booking Online
StateWest Bengal
DepartmentWest Bengal Health and Family Welfare Department
OPD Ticket ProcessOnline
Official Webisteonlinehmis.wbhealth.gov.in

West Bengal WB OPD Ticket Booking online for SSKM, MKCG, SCB की प्रक्रिया इस आर्टिकल में संक्षेप में समझाइए गई है. अगर आप पश्चिम बंगाल से संबंध रखते हैं, और आप सरकारी अस्पताल में ऑनलाइन ओपीडी के लिए अपनी टिकट बुक करवाना चाहते हैं तो इस आर्टिकल में यह प्रक्रिया पूरे डिटेल में बताई गई है. इसके लिए राज्य सरकार द्वारा एक सेंट्रलाइज पोर्टल onlinehmis.wbhealth.gov.in लॉन्च किया गया है. इस पोर्टल के माध्यम से आप, बहुत ही आसान तरीके से इसके लिए रजिस्ट्रेशन कर सकते हैं.

When the cases decreased in West Bengal, then the health department and comment decided to Resume the OPD services. These OPD services are available for both old and new patients. Government starts from the portal, in which you can take OPD tickets online and visit your doctor at your appointment time.

Today in this article we are going to cover how you can do WB OPD Ticket Booking online. Previously you can book an appointment in the hospital and visit a doctor at any time. Due to the covid situation, a limited number of patients are allowed in a limited slot. In case you want to visit your doctor, then you have to take an online appointment. You can check out the complete procedure, and how you can book your online appointment ticket for West Bengal Government hospital as well as Institute.

WBDHFW Health Online OPD Ticket Booking onlinehmis.wbhealth.gov.in

Patients of West Bengal can book OPD tickets online with the help of easy procedures. The complete process is very helpful for all the patients who want to visit their doctor.

  • To book an appointment, a patient needs to visit the official website of the West Bengal Health Department.
  • You can directly visit the online OPD ticket booking system (WBDHFW) portal.
  • The official portal is:- onlinehmis.wbhealth.gov.in
  • On the homepage of this website, you will see a welcome to the online ticket booking system.
WBDHFW Health Online OPD Ticket Booking
  • Firstly you have to verify your mobile number to book an appointment.
  • You need to enter your mobile number, and then an OTP is received on your number.
  • Enter that OTP into the website and then click on the submit button.
Online OPD Ticket Booking 2
  • Within a few seconds, a complete form is open in front of your screen.
  • In this form, you have to physically choose the hospital name in which you want to visit. You can choose your nearest hospital or any specialist hospital according to your preference.
  • In the next section, you need to choose the Visit date. This is the date on which you want to visit Hospital.
  • In the next section is to enter your name, gender, phone number, complete age, country, state, and district name.
  • The next section is to choose your P.S.
  • In the next section enter your complete address, then pin code.
  • Next, choose the department in which you want to visit for OPD.
  • After submitting all the details, the doctor’s name and room number will be provided to you.
  • Then a complete PDF format is token is generated. You need to download this token and take a printout.
  • Next time when you visit the hospital for OPD, then you can carry this token with you.

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We hope that the information regarding, the WB OPD Ticket Booking online process, is helpful for you. This is a complete process, in which we explain how you can take OPD appointments in any West Bengal government hospital or Medical College. In case you face any difficulty or you have any queries, we are happy to help. You can write your question or query in the comment section below. We will give you an answer as per our knowledge.

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