TS Buffalo Distribution Scheme 2023 Cattle 50% Subsidy Application Form

TS Buffalo Distribution Scheme Registration Form Telangana Cattle Purchase 50% Subsidy Scheme Application Form, Eligibility Criteria.

The Telangana government has approved the start of a new TS Buffalo Distribution Scheme for milk producers and sellers. Telangana government will grant a subsidy of 50% on the acquisition of new buffaloes under this scheme.

A total of 2 lakh Cattle would be distributed, at an estimated cost of Rs. 800 crore. In this post, we try our best to provide you with information on Telangana Buffalo Distribution Scheme with its complete information.

Telangana Buffalo Distribution Scheme

Telangana government is going to spend approximately 800 Crore Rupees for TS Buffalo Distribution Scheme. In this project, farmers will get a subsidy of 50% on the purchase of Buffalo and Cattle. The complete information regarding eligibility criteria for farmers, Terma, and conditions, documentation is explained in this article.

TS Buffalo Distribution Scheme

Farmers can now acquire one buffalo for a low price of Rs. 40,000. The remaining amount will be compensated by the Telangana government. In the Sheep distribution government spend 600 crore rupees and now the Buffalo Distribution Scheme is the next big stage. This program will increase the income of farmers that are in the milk-producing sector. The instructions for implementation will be finalized soon by the government.

Scheme NameBuffalo Distribution Scheme
State NameTelangana
Scheme BudgetRs. 800 crore
Offcial Websiteahddf.telangana.gov.in

Subsidy in Buffalo Distribution Scheme

Subsidy and BuffaloesChief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has approved a new Rs. 800 crore program to distribute 2 lakh buffaloes to farmers at a 50% subsidy.
After Subsidies, the Effective Cost of CattleA new buffalo will set you back roughly Rs. 80,000. The government would pay a total of Rs. 40,000 for each buffalo (50 percent subsidy). As a result, farmers will just have to pay Rs. 40,000 for fresh buffaloes.

Around 2 lakh farmers’ households who produce and sell milk for a living will benefit from this Cattle Distribution Scheme. This is the country’s first program of its type.

Eligibility Criteria for Farmers

For this new Buffalo Distribution Scheme, the state government will accept applications online. The details have not yet been finalized, but the government will shortly release the eligibility requirements as well as the entire procedure for applying online for the Cattle Distribution Scheme. Farmers will be empowered by this program, which will give them an extra source of revenue, an increase in their income, a jump in milk output, and satisfaction.

  • Farmers in Telangana can benefit from the Telangana Buffalo Subsidy Scheme.
  • Telangana’s state government has stated that farmers who purchase buffaloes in the state will receive a subsidy.
  • According to the announcement, the government intends to draught a comprehensive dairy development scheme in order to kickstart a milk revolution (Ksheera Viplavam) across the state.
  • According to the announcement, the government will pay a 50% subsidy to general category farmers, while SC/ST community farmers will receive a 75% subsidy for purchasing buffalo.
  • The plan would be carried out by a number of dairy development societies.
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Societies for the Development of Dairy

The following dairy societies will be given first preference under the scheme:-

1) Vijaya Dairy Development Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the dairy industry in Dairy Development Societies in the districts of Mulkanur, Nalgonda, and Rangareddy

2) Dairy Development Societies of Karimnagar

  • The state government has also agreed to pay Rs. 4 per litre as an incentive to additional dairy farmers. The demand for an incentive was previously only approved in the case of the Vijaya dairy development society.
  • When compared to the need for 1 crore litres of milk, the milk output percentage is quite low. Together, the state’s dairy development societies produce roughly 7 lakh litres of milk. The state receives 6 lakh litres from Karnataka, 4 lakh litres from Andhra Pradesh, and 2 lakh litres from Gujarat.

As a result, the state government intends to develop a comprehensive dairy policy through which the state’s milk output may be boosted and the state’s reliance on imported milk can be reduced.

TS Buffalo Distribution Scheme Application Form

  1. Make a visit to official website of Telangana State Government.
  2. Home page will be filled with variety of links of different scheme.
  3. Among them look for the appropriate link for Buffalo Distribution scheme 2021.
  4. Select the link and a form will be shown.
  5. Read the form and enter all the details asked in that form.
  6. Afterwards click on submit button and your application will be submitted successfully.

By these simple steps, anyone can be a part of this scheme. For any query or any other related information stay connected with our page and with the official portal of the Telangana state government.

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