Swadhar Greh Scheme Rajasthan 2021 Application Form, Eligibility, Benefits

Read all the details about Swadhar Greh Scheme Rajasthan 2021 Online Application Form, Eligibility Criteria and Benefits in this article. For women empowerment in Rajasthan state State Government start Swadhar Greh Scheme 2021. Women that are tortured mentally as well as physically in our society government start to empower them. In 1969 women’s that do not have their own house, government provide them houses and places to stay. At that time this scheme is known as Alapvas Gruh Yojana.

Swadhar Greh Scheme

The main aim to start scheme is to provide benefits for those women’s that are facing violence, social exclusion, physically as well as mentally harassment. These types of women’s will get temporary housing as well as support and rehabilitation from the side of Rajasthan government.

In year 2001-02 a new scheme that is Swadhar Greh Scheme started for this type of women’s. The main focus of this scheme is to provide shelter for humans and they can live their life with dignity and confidence.

Swadhar Greh Scheme

Aim of the Scheme

  • Women’s that are not financially strong and they do not have their own shelter, government will provide them shelter, food, clothes, medical facility under this scheme.
  • Women’s that’s are facing unfortunate circumstances and distressed women’s will get emotional support with this scheme.
  • Also the scheme will provide them legal assistance and guidance fore resettle and empower their family.
  • Also the scheme provide re-established economic as well as emotional Outlook.
  • This scheme will provide a support mechanism specially for the distressed women’s.
  • This type of women’s will start their life again with respect and trust.

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Benefits of Swadhar Greh Yojana

Women’s will get benefit in this scheme and the complete list of benefits are given below:-

  • In this scheme they will get food, clothes, medical facility and temporary house.
  • For their resettlement government provide them vocational training.
  • Also they will get counselling, for the encouragement and empowerment.
  • They will get legal support and guidance.
  • Also get counselling by telephonically

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Eligibility Criteria / Conditions

  • Female age is 18 or more than that is eligible for this scheme.
  • This scheme is given for those women’s those are financially as well as socially not strong.
  • Women’s who are homeless after any natural calamity, and they do not have any social as well as financial support.
  • Women’s release from jail after long time and they do not have any family, and those are financially as well as socially helpless.
  • Also woman cover under the scheme that are suffered from domestic violence, family issues / tension, facing litigation due to exploitation and marital strife.
  • Woman’s recovered from human trafficking, run away from brothers, women’s having HIV are covered under this scheme.

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Financial Support/ Assistance Under This Scheme

This is a scheme which is worked on a ratio of 60:40 in the states of like North East States, uttarakhand, himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.  In case ofJT,s the ratio of this scheme is hundred percent. For this scheme government having a budget of hundred crore rupees.

Assistance for construction:- in this scheme government will give assistance for the constructions of houses, Rooms, bathroom, kitchen, training hall and common facilities. With this the construction having basic facilities like water, electricity, road approach, boundary wall and other. There is a grant of 1,33000 per person will get under the scheme. This amount will be given two wires gram Panchayat / municipal corporations and Panchayati Raj institutions only. All the rates of construction will be scheduled by the PWD department.

Assistance for rent:- The maximum rent under in this this Yojana is for 30 residents and the amount is 50000 rupees for grade A cities and 30000 rupees for grade B cities and 18000 rupees for other places

Rajasthan Swadhar Greh Scheme Application Form / Apply Online

  • If you want to take benefit of this scheme, can you have to visit your nearest gram Panchayat / municipal corporation office.
  • In this office you can ask about Swadhar Greh Scheme.
  • Request time for application form and ask them about the related documents which is required with this application form.

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