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Get details on Smart City Dehradun Pravasi Registration 2023 Apply Online on for Travelling on offcial portal स्मार्ट सिटी देहरादून के पास

As we all are aware about covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic in India. This virus badly effect on our economy as well as our health. This virus was spreading out from last year 2020 and our Prime Minister announce lockdown in the initial 15 to 20 days. But after that it will be increase up to 3 months.

At this situation all the essential services not stopped bye any state government. All the people who are concerned with essential services will get a Epass and they can easily travel from one place to another place. Like every state Uttarakhand State Government also provide EPass if anyone enter in in Uttarakhand State or or Dehradun city.

Do to huge increase in the covid patient numbers again state governments will going to to start partial lockdown. Uttarakhand government also announce weekend curfew as well as partial Curfew in their state. If anyone I want to enter in Uttarakhand state or Dehradun city they have to take Smart City Dehradun epass online. So if you are are permanent resident of Uttarakhand state or want to visit this Dehradun due to any e purpose then you have to apply for epass.

Smart City Dehradun Pravasi Registration

In this article we will tell you how how anyone who is working in UK state will do there registration. In this article you will see Smart City Dehradun Pravasi Registration online process. We will also tell you the procedure of downloading e pass online.

Type of passes issued by smart city Dehradun official website

  • All the the employees work under State Government and Central Government will get pass.
  • Person concerned with government schemes and projects public importance.
  • Medical team, doctors, internet and IT services, construction workers, vehicle for movement of essential services and goods / suppliers that are concerned with all the essential commodities.
  • Workers that are concerned with Forest Department.
  • Visitor related to online education as well as distance learning.
  • Agricultural department workers as well as Agricultural Machinery and fertilizers, seeds and pesticides related persons.
  • Gardening as well as food processing works.
  • Industry related departments
  • Social services, widow pension Anganbadi centre and freedom fighters.
  • Employees of bank services
  • Fisheries department
  • MANREGA employee as well as workers
  • Police department Pravasi Registration Apply Online

Now let’s see how you can apply online for Smart City Dehradun Pravasi epass. Complete procedure is given below step by step:-

  • You have to visit the official website of smart city Dehradun.
  • On the homepage you will see application form, which you have to fill with all the necessary details.
  • The initial step you have to choose pass category. On the above section we already mention All the departments which will get pass.
Smart City Dehradun Pravasi Registration 1
  • In the next section you have to choose pass related information like pass required for within the district or outside the district.
  • Next section is mention reason why pass is required.
  • Then choose the starting date with time and pass required till date and time.
  • Then provide details about your vehicle like ka two wheeler or any other mode.
  • Also provide vehicle number and travel start location name and travel and location name.
  • In the next section you have to give travel route plan and route time.
  • The next section is personal information page. In this page you have to give your full name, father or husband name, mobile number, email ID, Aadhar number, other ID proof like driving license, PAN card, voter ID card or any other.
  • Then choose department / trade name and and in the next section enter address.
  • The next section is upload documents. All the documents should be less than 1 MB in size.
  • In this page upload your photograph in JPG or PNG format.
  • Then upload ID proof in in JPG or PNG format.
  • The next part is upload reason proof / soil health card for agriculture Udyog card or any other emergency services required for.
  • Then you have to to tick the declaration and then click on the submit button.

Registration process for Uttarakhand Epass

In this section we will explain step by step the registration process for covid travelling pass for Uttrakhand citizens.

  • In this registration you have to visit the official website of smart city Dehradun.
  • On the homepage you will be on covid pass registration form page
  • You can directly visit this page:-
  • In this section you have to firstly choose type of travel it means coming to Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand to other state or inter district Uttrakhand.
  • Choose your option and then choose mode of travel.
  • In this you have to mention which type of mod you are using for your travelling like two wheeler LMV, Tractor, Taxi, Train, airplane, bus or any other.
  • The next section is is category of the Travellers in which you have to you tell are the all the travellers government employees, telecom employees or any other.
  • Next category is registration sub category and then choose journey date.
  • The next part is you have to give answer ” do you have RT-PCR / TRUENAT / CBNAAT/Antigen Test Report (Covid negative report)”. Choose your answer yes or no.
  • The next option is are you coming from out of India choose your option yes or no. In case of yes you have to select country from where you are coming.
  • The next thing you have to give information about your travelling from which state district and city details with your complete address.
  • The next section where you are going to travel. Place name urban or rural area and address.
  • In the next section you have to give your personal details like your name, father name, age, gender, email ID mobile number, iD proof type, ID proof number and give information status in Arogya Setu app.
  • Next section is travelling plan. In this section you have to give information number of travelers.
  • At the end you have to upload your ID proof in which year address should be mentioned.
  • After tick all the declarations you have to to click on the submit button.

Uttrakhand Home Isolation Undertaking Registration Form

  • In this section we are going to explain the home isolation form details, and how you can fill this form.
  • You can directly go to the official website of Uttarakhand government home isolation undertaking page.
  • The official website is:-
  • In this form you have to declare your name, mobile number, Son/ daughter/ wife name,  your age, gender.
  • The next you have to give answer of one question that is have you contact with any covid patient.
  • Give your answer in yes or no.
  • The next thing is covid-19 test SRF report number.
  • The next option is self home isolation starting date, also so give answer do you have any symptoms of Corona.
  • After fill this all details you have to give your residence address like your district name, urban or rural area and your complete address.
  • Also give the details of family members which are going to take care.
  • Family member mobile number also provide on the official website.
  • In the next section you have to upload document related to your identity and then Tick all the the the declarations.
  • After that click on the submit button.

Download smart city Dehradun Curfew Pass

When applicant register themselves for covid-19 curfew pass,  as a Pravasi or visitor then you can easily download the smart city Dehradun curfew PASS online.

  • You have to visit the official website of Dehradun Smart City and choose option search pass.
  • You can directly visit this page:-
  • In this page you have to enter your pass number and your register mobile number.
  • After that click on the submit button.
  • From here you can easily download your curfew pass if it is approved by the concerned authority.
  • In case it show pending then you have to wait for sometime.

Contact details

Address:- Saatvik tower, 777, Kaulagarh Road, Rajendra Nagar Dehradun pin code 248001

Contact Details:- 01352750984

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