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Get all the details about Simple Energy Mark 2 Pre Booking Start form 15th of August 2021 Simple One Electric Scooter Franchise Online and Simple Energy Dealership Website, Specification, Price, and Franchise Information

Dealership Update:- If you want a dealership of a Simple one, then right now no information is available on their official website. Some people will call you regarding dealerships, but they are frauds, Beware these types of people and do not give money to anyone in the name of a simple one-energy dealership. There are no official anno8nceets is released by the company in India right now.

Booking Update:- Simple Energy is launching their electric scooter Simple One on the 15th of August. You can now Book this scooter in 1947 Rupes now.

On that day their 1st product (Simple One) will be launched. Simple Energy Pre Booking will be starting on 15th August at 5 PM evening. You can book your scooter on the company’s official website

Preference for all those customers who have done pre-booking of this scooter. The scooter cost will be between 1.10 to 1.20 Lakh Rupees. In the 1st phase, scooters will be launched in 13 states of India. The highlighted feature of this scooter is it will travel 240 km in a single change when you drive it on eco mode.

Electric two-wheeler demands are rapidly increasing in the Indian market. Due to the hike in petrol prices, the demand for electric vehicles is increasing day by day. Especially two-wheelers like electric scooters and electric bikes are more in demand as compared to last year.

Two-wheeler electric manufacturing company name simple energy is going to launch their new scooter in the Indian market. This is basically a Bengaluru-based company simple energy that can launch their simple one model name mark 2 on date 15th of August.

This is a direct competition to existing electric two-wheeler ola electric, Ather, Okinawa, TVS, Hero, and other electric two-wheeler manufacturing companies. All companies are right now manufacturing their scooters and selling them in the Indian market.

Ola electric scooter is also launched on 15th August. The first thing which comes to our mind that what is different in this scooter from other scooters.

Simple One Electric Scooter Franchise

In this article, we are going to explain to you about Simple One Electric Scooter booking, specifications, price, dealership, official website, top speed, images, scooter range, and company details in Our article. So you can read all the details about this scooter in this article.

Simple Energy Scooter Booking

After OLA Simple One also gets Huge popularity in Indian its lunch. After launch, this scooter gets a good response at the time of booking.

The company does not reveal its official booking data but estimated that it also gets a good response. It has a direct competition with the OLA Electric scooter. Allthough this scooter having more features than ola, but it is not well promoted

सिंपल एनर्जी कंपनी द्वारा निर्मित सिंपल वन इलेक्ट्रिक स्कूटर की बुकिंग आज 15 अगस्त से शुरू होने जा रही है. इसके लिए आप वेबसाइट पर जाकर इसके लिए प्री बुकिंग कर सकते हैं. 15 अगस्त आजादी दिवस पर इस स्कूटर की प्री बुकिंग की राशि 1947 रुपए रखी गई है.

यह प्रक्रिया शाम 5:00 बजे कंपनी की वेबसाइट पर शुरू होगी. बुकिंग में ली गई राशि पूर्ण रूप से रिफंडेबल होगी. किसी कारणवश अगर कोई भी ग्राहक अपनी बुकिंग कैंसिल करता है तो उसे पूरे पैसे वापस किए जाएंगे. बुकिंग करने वाले ग्राहकों को डिलीवरी में प्राथमिकता दी जाएगी.

यह स्कूटर खबरों में इसलिए भी है क्योंकि यह भारत का एक ऐसा इलेक्ट्रिक स्कूटर है जो चार्ज होने के बाद 240 किलोमीटर तक का सफर तय कर सकता है. कंपनी के एक दावे के अनुसार इस स्कूटर को 60 Second चार्ज करने पर यह 2.5 किलोमीटर तक का सफर तय कर सकता है.

कंपनी का यह मानना है कि सिंपल वन कंपनी के साथ हम इलेक्ट्रिक व्हीकल उद्योग में एक नया बेंचमार्क स्थापित करने जा रहे हैं. अधिक जानकारी एवं स्पेसिफिकेशन के लिए हमारी इस पोस्ट को ध्यान से पढ़ें.

Simple One Electric Scooter Specification

People who are interested in electric Two wheelers, have a very good option. Most of the people prefer OLA Because they have an old establishment and an Old Name. In the upcoming years, Simple Energy will geo very fast and you can become a part of this company. All the details related to online booking and dealership are well explained in this article.

Company Name Simple energy
Product nameSimple one electric scooter mark 2
Official launch date15th of August 2021
First phase production10 lakh units
Factory area200000 square ft
Upcoming plans and investment350 crore rupees
Booking Date15th of August 2021

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Scooter Specifications

Scooter NameSimple one
Battery capacity4.2 kW
Type of batterylithium-ion battery
Scooter features:- 7-inch touch display / 4G connectivity
Removable BatteryYes
Power produced9.4 HP
Torque produced72NM
Single charge range260 km
Top speed of the scooter103 km
Scooter pickup50 km per hour in 3.5 Seconds
Driving modesEco, Normal, Sports
Normal charging time1 hour 5 Minutes
Fast charging supportYes
Fast charging time50% charge in 20 minutes

Price of Simple One Scooter

Simple energy is coming up with their new product that is a simple one scooter at a very competitive price. According to the company, the scooter range exists in between 1.10 lakh rs. to 1.20 Lakh rupees. As we all know that all the electric scooters that are available in markets like Bajaj Chetak, TVS, Hero, Ather, Okinawa and Ola range is more than one lakh rupees.

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Simple One Electric Scooter Booking

The company does not want to make this product overpriced so they make it very competitive with ola electric scooter. According to the news, the company will launch the scooter in the range of 1.10 to 1.20 Lakh Rupees. This is not the exact price of a simple One scooter. The exact price will be revealed on the 15th of August when it will launch.

History and Founder of Simple Energy

Simple energy electric two-wheeler manufacturing company was established in the year 2019. The company was founded by Suhas Rajkumar and Shreshth Mishra. This company comes in LimeLight after the Indian government Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

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The main motto of the company is to provide an affordable electric scooter in the Indian market with a good range and fast charging. So this Bengaluru-based startup company works on their mark 2 projects and now it is completed and going to launch on the 15th of August 2021.

If we talk about recent two-wheelers then the top speed of electric scooters is not more than 72 To 80 km on sports mode. If we drive on economic mode then speed is not more than 50 km per hour. The simple One Scooter comes up with a good speed, and you do not have to compromise with power.

Most of the spare parts that are used in simple one scooter our home manufacturing. No spare part will be imported from China. 80 to 85% of components of the scooter are manufacturer in India. The lithium-ion battery that is used in this scooter is imported from Japan South Korea and Taiwan.

Simple energy scooter mark 2 is come up with very advanced features and an advanced look. The look of the scooter is totally sporty and it looks amazing with LED lights. It comes up with 7 inches in which there is four G connectivity.

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The battery used in this scooter is removable and you can remove it whenever you need it. The battery is used in this scooter is 4.2 kWh. This can produce a power of 9.4 HP and 92 Newton meter torque. According to the company in a single charge, this scooter will cover to 60 km range.

The top speed of the scooter is claimed as 103 km. If you talk about scooter pick up then it can achieve 50 km per hour speed in 3.2 seconds which is very impressive.

Driving Modes Simple One Electric Scooter

In this scooter there are three driving modes are available.

  • Eco-Mode:- in Eco mode you will get a speed of 35 to 40 km per hour
  • Normal Mode:- normal mode you will get a speed of up to 70 Km per hour
  • Sports Mode:- in sports mode you will get speed up to 100 km per hour.

The scooter will achieve this speed because of its lightweight. The battery used in this scooter is only 6 kg.

Charging time Of Simple One Electric Scooter

The scooter has a very good charging time. In normal home charging it will charge 80% in 40 minutes. The full charging time of a simple one-electric scooter is one hour 5 minutes.

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This scooter is also supported fast charging. With the help of fast charging, you can charge the scooter 50% in 20 minutes which is very impressive.

Simple Energy One Electric Scooter Booking Online

  • According to the company, e scooter will be launched on the 15th of August 2021.
  • The company this model that is marked to you will be e available for booking in 13 states of India.
  • If you are from Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Maharashtra, Delhi, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab then you are eligible for a Simple One Electric Scooter booking.
  • The company already finalize its experience Centre location in these States.
  • The remaining States will be cover in the next phase of booking.
  • For the Booking process, you need to visit the official website of simple energy
Simple Energy One Electric Scooter Booking
  • On the offcial portal You will see Pre-booking link at the Top Right side corner. Click on it and a new page is open.
  • In this page, you have to choose color of your scooter. Then click on next button.
Simple Energy Scooter Booking
  • In next page enter State name, City name and Pincode.
Simple One Electric Scooter Booking
  • Scroll down, Create an account. Enter First name, Last name, Email ID, Confirm Email, set password, confirm password and Enter phone number.
Step 4
  • Now scroll again and you will see Booking Summery. The booking amount is 1947 Rs displayed on your screen. You can also have an option of changing the scooter before proceed to payment.
Step 5
  • If everything look good, then click on proceed and pay for booking.
  • A pop up window is open, in witch you can choose your payment mode.
  • Mode of payment are Paytm, Debit or credit card, Net banking, Bhim UPI.
Step 6
  • Select your payment method and then proceed.
  • When you payments is sucessfull, then your will get confirmation message.

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Simple One Electric Scooter Dealership

Simple energy is one of the fastest-growing electric scooter manufacturing companies. Date scooter claim 240 km range in single charge that is very impressive. The charging speed is also very good in this scooter as compared to other competitive products that are available in the market.

  •  If you want to become a dealer of simple energy in India, then you can do it from the official website.
  • For simple one electric scooter dealership visit the official website:-
Simple One Electric Scooter Dealership
  • You will get the link to join our dealership program.
  • Click on it and fill in all the details and contact information on this website.
  • After providing details submit your form.
  • Simple energy officials will contact you on your number within few days.
  • In the case of the investment cost of a simple energy dealership, there is no information regarding that on the official website till now.
  • When we get other details we will update them on our website also. Stay in touch with us for more updates.

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We hope that information regarding simple one electric scooter booking, dealership, specification of the scooter is helpful for you. In case you have any query or question you can contact on company helpline number. You can also contact them on their social media handles.

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  4. Simple Van scooter ke liye Jo booking amount Hai uski receive Nahin ho rahi paise to cut rahe hain lekin Koi confirmation slip Nahin mil rahi total paise lost ho raha hai isliye Koi Pakki Baat Ho To Batao paise Piche aur slip Bina Mile confirm Mein Shamil Na Ho receive bhi ho to Kaise kya Kha Raha Hai Kaise Pata lagega isliye

  5. I have book simple one on 22.08.2021 and booking amount is deducted in my account but i have don’t recieve any mail and msg also no i what i d

  6. I have booked Simple One EV on 18/082021 and have received a message of Order Id, only.
    Pl provide my receipt & update delivery status

  7. Don’t book

    We have stuck our money. Payment has deducted but not getting any booking reference no. By massage or mail. When we try to confirm by calling at no., mentioned at the website nobody s picking up and not responding at mail.

    So please be aware.

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