Rajshri Yojana 2021 Application Form pdf 3rd, 4th Kist [Installment] Status

Read Details about Rajshri Yojana 2021 Application Form pdf 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Kist Installment Status Online and Rajshree Yojana Helpline Number:– Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana 2021 is the scheme of Rajasthan state government and launched by the current chief minister of Rajasthan. So basically this is a scholarship scheme, in which government will help the girl child by giving them scholarship till the class 12th, so that they could take Education at least till 12th class.

The only objective to launch Rajshri Yojana 2021 is to improve the status of girl child in the state and to help people so that they did not take their girl child as a liabilities and to help people on girls studies so that they do not kill their girl child before birth. So by this step government will achieve the target to save the girl and sex ratio in Rajasthan will increase by this step. So to know all the benefits and other important information read this article from top to bottom.

Rajshri Yojana 2021

As we have already told you that this is a welfare scheme and the main focus of this scheme is girls of the state. By Rajshri Yojana 2021, Government wants to change the point of view of the people towards the girls.

The government want to give equal rights to girls in every field and want to enhance the Educational structure of the girls and make Rajasthan a state where all the girls and boys have equal opportunities to get their goals. Under this scheme the girls who were born after or 1 June 2016 will be eligible for the benefits of this scheme.

Rajshri Yojana
TimingBenefits (In Rupees)
जन्म के समय 2500 रुपए
1 वर्ष के टीकाकरण उपरांत2500 रुपए
1 कक्षा में प्रवेश लेने पर4000 रुपए
6 कक्षा में प्रवेश पर5000 रुपए
10 कक्षा में आने पर11000 रुपए
12 कक्षा पास होने पर25000 रुपए

Highlights Rajshri Yojana

Scheme NameMukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana
Announced byRajasthan State Government
DepartmentWomen and child Development Department, Government of Rajasthan
BeneficiariesGirls of the Rajasthan state
BenefitProvide financial assistance of rupees 50,000/- to the girlchild for their better future
ObjectiveTo Promote the Education of Girl Child, To reduce the girl child feticide and for the growth of girls in evert field
Official Websitewcd.rajasthan.gov.in

Rajshree Yojana Eligibility

So while going to Registration for this scheme and take the Benefits of its, all of you need to fulfil the eligibility criteria which is ;

  • Those girls will be eligible who took birth after or on 1 June 2016.
  • Only those parents can take the benefits of this scheme who have Aadhar Card and Bhamashah Card. They can take the first installment of this financial assistance at the time of birth of the girl child without Bhamashah Card and Aadhar Card but without these documents you can not take the second installment.
  • Only the permanent citizen of Rajasthan will be able to take the benefits of this scheme and the women who delivered their girl child in the government hospital of the Rajasthan.
Rajshri Yojana Eligibility Criteria
  • Every child who had born in government hospital will get first and second installment of this financial assistancebut after that, other installments will be given to those people who have only two children.
  • If the girl child die after the two installments then parents will be able to get other installments if they will give birth to another daughter.
  • First installment will be given to the beneficiaries at the time of birth and second installment will be given after all the vaccinations will be done to girl child.
Rajshri Yojana Eligibility Criteria 2

Documentation Required

You need some very important documents to apply for this scheme and the list of these documents are give below ;

  • Aadhar Card details of Parents as well as the child.
  • Bhamashah Card
  • Birth Documents of Hospital
  • Permanent Residential proof
  • Passport size photographs of parents and child
  • Bank details of parents for first installments of scholarship
  • Bank details of girl child for Educational scholarship

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Rajshri Yojana Term and Conditions

Rajshri Yojana Term & Conditions

Rajshri Yojana Benefits (Installment) Details

So the first and very important feature of this scheme is that this will improve the girls place in the state. People will also aware of the Education of girl child. They will not kill their girl child before birth. In this scheme government will provide a scholarship of rupees 50,000 in many installments and these installments will start from their birth to their education till 12th Class. This money will be given to beneficiaries in installments and the allotments of these installments will be given through this way ;

1st Installment:- The girl child who was born after 1 June will get rupees 2500/- at the time of her birth.

2nd Installment:- After 1 year of all vaccinations done the girl will get another rupees 2500/-.

3rd Installment:- Girl will get rupees 4,000/- at the time when she entered to the school in first class.

4th Installment:- The girl will get rupees 5,000/- when she will take admission 6th class.

5th Installment:- Rupees 11,000/- as a scholarship will be given by the government when she will enter in class 10th.

6th Installment:- Rupees 25,000/- will be given to the girl after she will passed class 12th.

All this scholarship amount will be transferred in 6th stages to ensure the birth to vaccinations and the qualification of the girl child in the state. This will improve the Education level of the girls in the state.

Rajshri Scheme Rajasthan Objective

The main objective of the scheme is to reduce the death of mothers while they give birth to a child in homes. With the launch of this scheme all the mothers will give birth to their child in nearest government hospitals. The other main objective is to increase the ration of girl child and to encourage people to give them better Education.

Rajshri Yojana 2021 Application Form pdf

The parents of the girl child can contact to government hospitals where they gave birth to their child. People can also contact to District’s health officer and take the advised about how they can take Benefits of Rajshri yojana. There are no any online application procedure is available till now. If the online services will start we will definitely update it on our website.

Rajshri Yojana Status 2021 Installment (Kist) Check

  • In this scheme the 1st instilment of new born babies that’s is 2500 Rs. will be given after the birth of baby child.
  • This amount will be credited into you account with in few month.
  • Government process is little a Bit slow, but the amount will be credited into your account surely.
  • After that’s 2nd installment and continue till 6th instilment will be credited.
  • There are some formalities you have to completed, then you will get the financial support.
  • After submitting all the documents in department, The financial support will be given.
  • You can check your bank account for amount status.

Rajshri Yojana Application Form pdf

Rajshri Yojana Eligibility Criteria & Term Condition


Who launched Mukhyamantri Rajshri Yojana 2021?

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan Mr. Ashok Gehlot has launched this scheme.

What is the Scholarship amount under Rajshri Yojana 2021?

People will get rupees 50,000/- in 6 installments as scholarship amount.

What is the Helpline Number government provided for any inquiry?

18001806127, 0141-5196302 and 5196358 are the helpline Numbers. You can alos use complaint number on 181 or 1800-180-6127.

What is the main objective of Rajshri Yojana 2021?

The main objective of the scheme is to improve the current situation of the girls in the Rajasthan and to encourage people for the Education of girl child and also to reduce the girl child feticide. There is also a main reason to launch this is to reduce the death rate of mothers because of deliver their babies at homes. Government will provide rupees 2500 for the mothers if they deliver in government hospitals.

We have already provided the links of Official websites In our article so you can also get it from there. Do share Rajshri Yojana 2021 information with people so that they could aware of the scheme and take the advantages of the scheme by following major instructions.

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