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Hello Friends Government of Punjab continues to work to improve Public Distribution System, procurement process of food grains and their storage. Working in close cooperation with Government of India, Food Corporation of India and other procurement agencies in Punjab, the Department has, over the years, created a reputation of being a leader in introducing innovation in the field of food grains procurement and storage.

Introduction of PoS machines and swipe cards and recording of every single transaction w.r.t procurement and milling the procurement process in the state would find no parallel anywhere in the country as various banks operating in Punjab have extended their valuable cooperation in making this project a success.

Punjab Smart Ration Card 2022

Guys In order to protect food grain from damage, the private entrepreneurs of Punjab have added enormous covered storage capacity under PEG scheme. The ratio card is also used for various other verification identities.

An individual applying for the gas connection, electricity connection, etc. has to show the ration card to avail of the facilities. People who fall below the poverty line get ration cards from state governments. It assists them in collecting food grains at low or subsidized rates. The same is applicable in Punjab. But the new state government has revamped an earlier scheme and named it Smart Ration Card Scheme.

Punjab Smart Ration Card List 2020

This will provide the same benefits as was provided by the previous scheme, but will enhance its implementation from the technological stand point. Therefore, the ration card has multiple uses in common life. We advise to every individual to avail of the ration card. In this article, we have mentioned the complete details of the Smart Ration card, Eligibility, How to apply, the Beneficiary list and much more. Scroll down the passage and have a look over to the easiest way to apply for the Punjab Smart Ration Card 2022.

epds.punjab.gov.in list 2022

Punjab Smart Ration Card List 2022 has been released by Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Department, Government of Punjab. Applicants who have applied for a new ration card can check their name in the Punjab Ration Card List on the official ERCMS Punjab official website sitting at home.

Ration cards in BPL and APL categories are issued by Punjab Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department based on the economic status of the applicants. Even if you do not get ration at affordable rates from the state fair rate shop through Punjab Ration Card, it is still an important document as an identity.

Through the Punjab Smart Ration Card, the citizens can avail of the essential commodities such as rice, grains, sugar, etc. at a very low price. In addition, through the smart card, the citizens can have the benefits of various government schemes. Through our page, we advise the resident of the state of Punjab to avail of the Ration card. The process is very simple and could be easily done by the people.

Benefits of Punjab Smart Ration Card

  1. The total number of beneficiaries of Smart Rashan Card Scheme punjab are 1.42 crore in Punjab.
  2. Eldest Woman will be the head of family.
  3. Wheat will be given at a price of Rs. 2/- per Kg.
  4. The biannual entitlement of wheat will be given at one go.
  5. The distribution will be done at the doorstep of the beneficiary directly by the Punjab govt. food and civil supplies department.
  6. The beneficiary gets to keep the wheat bags in which he gets the grains.
  7. The beneficiaries are de-duplicated on the basis Aaadhar number.
  8. The beneficiary can go to the consumer court, in case they does not get wheat as per his entitlement.
  9. Wheat will be delivered in 30 kg standard packing.
  10. The department officials, beneficiary, transporter, gram panchayat, nigrani committee – all will work in coordination for proper disbursement of wheat.
  11. There is no upper cap. Every member gets five kg wheat per month.

Punjab Smart Ration Card List 2022

  1. To Check Punjab Smart Ration Card List 2022 First, visit epos.punjab.gov.in
  2. You have to click on “Month Abstract” in the dashboard of the website.
  3. After this, a new page will open in front of you. Here you have to choose your district by selecting the ration card Allotted Month.
  4. In the next step, you have to select the name of the inspector of your area.
  5. After this, you have to choose the FPS ID entered in your ration card application form.
  6. Now a list will open in front of you, here you can see all the information related to EPDS Punjab Ration Card.

Ration Card Data Punjab

Sl NoDistrictAAY (Dal)PHH(Dal)AAY (PM Wheat)PHH(PM Wheat)
CardsUnitsAllotment Qty
(in Kgs)
CardsUnitsAllotment Qty
(in Kgs)
CardsUnitsAllotment Qty
(in Kgs)
CardsUnitsAllotment Qty
(in Kgs)
5Fatehgarh Sahib166762255001.0076876298058230628.001667622593375.00768762980584470870.00
18Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar203274366096.00105564403506316692.0020327436111540.001055644035066052590.00
20Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar70924562127.0077859292359233577.00709245636840.00778592923594385385.00
21Sri Muktsar Sahib82862656224858.00130088490546390264.00828626562398430.001300884905467358190.00
22Tarn Taran58942155117682.00148996614091446988.00589421551323265.001489966140919211365.00

Punjab Smart Ration Card status Online

If your name does not appear in the Punjab Ration Card List, then you can easily check the ration card status through your FPS ID. For this, you have to follow the given easy steps.

  1. First, visit epos.punjab.gov.in/
  2. On the homepage of the website, you have to click on the FPS Status option in the Reports section.
  3. Now a new page will open on your computer or mobile screen.
  4. Here you have to enter your FPS ration number in the box provided and click “Submit”.

Latest Updates::- In Punjab, Smart Ration Card for the National Food Security Act (NFSA) Families Under the endeavor of the Smart Ration Card Scheme, the State of Punjab is going to provide Smart Ration Cards to approximately 36 Lakh NFSA families. While disclosing this Food, Civil Supply and Consumer affair Minister Punjab Mr. Bharat Bhushan Ashu said that this will ensure that the families entitled under NFSA scheme get the entitled benefit and this will also help the government to deliver the services effectively and with full transparency.

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