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Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin Naan Mudhalvan Scheme on Tuesday. This is a new scheme that is started especially for the youth of Tamil Nadu State. With the help of the scheme 10 lakh youth all over the state will be equipped with skills. These skills will help them to identify their talent and it will provide benefit our country. For the proper implementation of the scheme’s official website, is also launched.

So friends with the help of this scheme you can identify their talent. This talent will help them to make their carrier. With the help of good guidance, you will be able to make your career in government-run and state-aided Educational Institutes. They will also give you spoken English lessons, you can easily crack your interview in front of the interview panel. With the help of the scheme, you will also get training capsules in computer coding and robotics.

Medical doctors, as well as psychological counselors, will also give you guidance on your health nutrition physical fitness, and overall development that will enhance student personality. With all these facilities a sense of Tamil culture and tradition is also built-in for students. This training will be provided in two ways. The first way is in-person training and the second world is virtual sessions. One guidance Bureau is also so created in every school in Tamil Nadu.

Naan Mudhalvan Scheme

If you belong to Tamil Nadu State, then you should take benefit of the Naan Mudhalvan Scheme. This is a very good initiative by CM MK Stalin for the youth. This scheme will help them to youth empowerment from all sides. If you are a youth then the scheme will Strengths your all areas for growth.

Naan Mudhalvan Scheme

The scheme will benefit approximately 10 lakh students from all over Tamil Nadu state. Students realize their talent and this talent will benefit our country, they can register themself on

CM MK Stalin tries to help students to uplift their latent and show in front of India. This is a very good initiative by TN Cgelf Minister. When this scheme launched, Thousand of students tart registered themself on the official website. You can also register with the following instructions.

Scheme NameNaan Mudhalvan Scheme
Benefit forYouth and students
Students fromClass 9th and 12th
StateTamil Nadu

Benefits of Naan Mudhalvan Scheme

  • This is one of the schemes in which 10 lakh youth will be benefited all over the Tamil Nadu State.
  • Under the scheme youth will be equipped which skills, that will help them to realize their talent.
  • For the implementation of the scheme one official website¬† is already launched.
  • Under this scheme, youth will be identified, get training, and after that get offered careers and guidance from other talented students who are already studied in government as well as state-aided Educational Institutes.
  • This scheme will also help students to speak English in their English lessons. That will help students at the time of the interview.
  • Training capsules are also provided for computer coding and robotics.
  • Medical facilities like medical doctors and psychological counselors also give you guidance on nutrition, physical fitness as well as youth overall development.
  • The scheme will also help to know more about Tamil culture and tradition.
  • The sessions will be provided in in-person and virtual ways.
  • Under this scheme government will offer continuous classes for the students of class 9th to 12th. With this, a mentoring system is also introduced, which will be started with the help of alumni.
  • Outstanding achievers in each field will take summer special classes under this scheme.
  • Foreign language classes are also offered to incase youth/ students will demand a foreign language.
  • Under this scheme, jobs will be offered in the Tamil Nadu government, government institutes, the Central Government, and other states.
  • The government vocational training centers will be upgraded to industry standards 4.0.

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Naan Mudhalvan Scheme Apply Online

  • For online application, participants, need to visit the official website:-
Naan Mudhalvan Scheme Apply Online
  • On the official website, you will see sections like:-
  • Courses.
  • Colleges.
  • Entrance exam.
  • Scholarships.
  • Education loans.
  • Career.
  • Firstly you can choose your course from the courses section. When you click on any course then you will get information about it.
  • About the course.
  • Course duration.
  • Entrance exam.
  • Job opportunities.
  • Higher education.
  • You can read these details of your course, and then get back to the homepage.
  • On the homepage, you will get the Naan Mudhalvan Scheme Apply Online link
  • You have to follow this link and then fill application form with all the basic details and then submit it.

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