Max Anderson Missing India Case|US Citizen Missing in Dharamshala

Max Anderson Missing India Case|US Citizen Max Missing in Dharamshala, US Citizen was missing from 8 November and his dead body of 30-year-old US citizen was found in the Dharmshala forest area.

Every year so many trackers come to the Dharmshala. But every year due to some accidents one or two trackers die. On 8th November there is also the missing report of a 30-year-old US citizen named Mamallion Anderson. Kangra police found him in the Himachal Dhauladhar mountain ranges. You found his body on Tuesday in a forest area off Nadi.

Max Anderson Missing India

Nadi is a very hilly area in which so many crackers are going there for adventure. Macmallion Anderson is one of them who is going on an adventure in The Appeal from Nadi. He was left in the hotel off Nadi which is situated in Dharmshala.

After a visit to the hotel, he was going for tracking every day in the mountains of Nadi Dharamshala. But on 8th November he tells the Hotel Manager to go for tracking on the mountains. But after 8th November he didn’t come back to the hotel.

After that staff of the hotel starts searching for him but he did not inform the Dharmshala police. People are now searching for US Citizen Missing in India and Max Anderson Missing India news on the internet.

Max Anderson Missing India

After some searching, the hotel staff did not find the US citizen and they are informing to the missing report of Macmallion to the Dharmshala police. SP of the police start searching for the Macmallion in the mountain regions of Nadi they are also informed by the US Embassy on 10th November.

Police staff finds out the Mac millions that body in the Northern mountain ranges with the help of local trackers and sniffer dogs. The dead body of Macmallion is found in George he died of a cold that is informed to the police staff after the post-mortem report

Macmallion is a North Carolina citizen in the US and comes to Dharmshala for the tracking and to enjoy some adventure. Now Dharmshala police hand over his dead body to the parents of Macmallion.

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All the trackers who are coming to Nadi and in the Dhauladhar mountains for tracking have a device that does not go for tracking without the local guide. It is very harmful to that without any guidance to visit in the mountains. In the mountains there is a very low temperature and also there are so many dangerous animals in the mountain.

US Citizen Max Missing in India

Last year they are also two trackers are killed in the snow medical. In the Dharmshala mountain range founder, two skeletons in from a height of 4342 m but the police did not find their identity after the DNA testing they found about them. But that was too late for them.

That skeleton was found as a French crackers name in martial arts at the age of 20 years and Francis axovir family at the age of 21. The missing report is in the record of the police station from 2013 but police found their dead bodies in 2016.

So it is very scary and dangerous tracking to every tracker going to the Dharmshala mountains for tracking. So do not go for tracking without any local guide or without any information about the mountain. If Max Anderson Missing India is helpful for you then share your experience with us in the comment section.

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