New* Makkar IELTS Speaking pdf 2022 May to August Free Download, CUE Card

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Makkar IELTS starts its journey in its 14 years back. According to the founder Dr. Kiranpreet Kaur Makkar, this journey has been started when one of the friends requested Dr. Kiranpreet to prepare their friend’s son for the IELTS exam. When she started teaching her friend’s son then they found their hidden passion for teaching.

Then she transfers her medical career into academics and starts their journey. Their motive is not to earn money but to teach students who want to fulfill their dreams. Today this Institute become one of the most reliable and big for IELTS preparations.

Firstly we understand why students prefer IELTS. So this is basically an exam that is used by students to go abroad, especially in America and Canada.The full form of IELTS of the international English language testing system. Students who want to go abroad, have to clear this exam with a minimum of 6 or 7 bands. Makkar IELTS will prepare you for this exam so you can crack this exam on the first attempt.

Makkar IELTS Speaking pdf 2022 May to August

If you want to prepare yourself from home and search for Makkar IELTS Speaking pdf 2022 May to August, then you are in right place. Today in this article we will give you complete information on Makkar IELTS Speaking pdf 2022 from the session of May to August.

Makkar IELTS Speaking pdf 2022 May to August

These PDFs will help you to prepare yourself for the speaking course. In these PDFs, you will easily find out material that is used for your preparation.

In Makkar IELTS You will get all the preparation material required for learning, speaking, and writing. If you want to go out of India on a study basis, then this exam is very important for you. IELTS Exam he every year and if you are interested in this exam, then start preparation and make your carrier better.

Preparation Material Available on Makkar IELTS

Writing ModuleIn this section, you will learn how to attain easy marks in IELTS. In this section, you have to attempt Academic Task 1 of Graphs. The 2nd task is Essays for the Academic and general training.
Reading ModuleIn this part, you have to practice yourself for 5 IELTS Exam exams of Academic reading Tests.
BooksMakkar IELTS Will provide you high rated IELTS Books with will help you with preparation. The preparation for the exam is very important and you can follow these books to crack this exam and attain good bands.

Makkar IELTS Speaking pdf 2022 May to August

The complete Speaking PDF for fashion from May to August is also available online. This is Makkar IELTS speaking guesswork solved 2022 in PDF format. The complete guesswork is uploaded here and you can download it for your preparation.

Makkar IELTS Speaking pdf June to August 2022

Some students are searching for the PDF of sessions from June to August. If you are searching for June to August then you are in right place. We will provide you with a direct link so you can download the final version of Makkar IELTS Speaking pdf 2022 from June to August 2022.

IELTS Academic Reading Tests

Test 2Download Makkar IELTS Online Reading Test 2 pdf
Test 3Download Makkar IELTS Online Reading Test 3 pdf
Test 4Download Makkar IELTS Online Reading Test 4 pdf
Test 5Download Makkar IELTS Online Reading Test 5 pdf
Makkar IELTS Speaking pdf May to August

Answers of Makkar IELTS Test

Test 1 AnswerDownload
Test 2 AnswerDownload
Test 3 AnswerDownload
Test 4 AnswerDownload
Test 5 AnswerDownload

Makkar IELTS Books

IELTS speaking for the past exams 2022Check here460 rupees
IELTS academic reading for exam practice for volume 2Check Here340 rupees
IELTS Academic Essays 2022 past exams – – Check Here500 rupees
IELTS general training reading exam practice for 2021Check Here420 rupees
IELTS graph from the past exam 2022Check Here380 Rupees
Kiran Makkar IELTS academic reading practice volume 3Check Here60 rupees

Outside India Makkar IELTS PDF Books

Makkar IELTS Speaking CUE Cards January to April 2022Check Books$10
Makkar IELTS GT letter PDFCheck Books$10
Makkar IELTS academic reading E-Book 2021 SolvedCheck Books$5
Makkar IELTS GT Essays pdfCheck Books$10

All the preparation material in Makkar IELTS offline and online is designed by Dr. Kiranpreet Kaur Makkar. This institute will provide you writing module, a reading module handbook which will help you to prepare for the islets exam

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