KPOP India Contest 2023 Registration, Audition Date

Korean Cultural Center India 2023 Upcoming KPOP India Contest Registration online for show Audition Date / Venue on the official website

latest update:- KPOP is not conducting any auditions in India. But the Agencies like JYP entertainment take foreigners as Trainees. You can give your audition online and there is no need to visit Korea for your audition.

The online audition process is conducted by the show makers, and you can keep auditioning while sitting at your home in your comfort zone. All the audition-related details are available on the official website. You can also check out the K-pop contest India 2023 online audition date, its rules, the official website, and the registration date in just one click.

KPOP means the Korean Pop music industry. Korean Pop music is very famous in South Korea and in the world as well. There is a KPOP Group named BTS, which is very famous in Korean Music Industry. Around 9 years ago a music video Gangnam Style was Launched, on youtube and it became very famous after posting these videos there were a million views on it in just a few hours.

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K-pop music originated in South Korea in 1990. It is a mix of Western and Asian music. This music is a mixture of hip-hop and rap music. Korean Pop music videos are very interesting and famous on the internet. These music videos are known for their different style. Now K- Pop music is spreading all over the world.

KPOP India Contest 2023 Registration

If you do want to become a KPop star, you would have to take proper training under a big KPop Group. Whoever wants to become a Kpop star should start his journey it is a very young age. They should have taken singing and dancing classes even before they would have joined KPop classes on a big level.

JYP Entertainment Audition

Only 40-50 out of 1000 in South Korea progress in their Kpop career. In this post, we will share how you can do KPOP India Contest 2023 Registration online. We can share also the KPOP India Contest Venue, date, and Place of this show audition.

KPOP India Contest 2021 Registration

Due to Covid-19, the regional round will be organized online and in the KPop competition, there will be solo entries for safety purposes during this pandemic time.

The Korean music industry is well-developed and has a huge fan following around the world. Korean music company always searching for new talent from all over the world and they will invite boys and girls for an audition. If you have a talent for singing dancing, rap, and writing then you can give audition for KPOP. This company also initiates auditions in India also. So so Indians who want to participate in this contest, the complete process of addition step by step is explained in this article.

Big Hit Entertainment Audition

Key points to participate in KPop India Contest 2023

See these simple steps and you can get guidelines regarding participating in this singing and dance reality show. You have to fill out your form very carefully on the official website of KPop. If there will be any mistake in your form you will be disqualified.

You can read all institutions and guidelines on this website related to participating in this contest. You have to make your talented video and upload it on YouTube then copy the URL link from youtube and upload this video in the online application form.

The dancing and singing video which you will upload in the application form should be clear and your face should be visible in this video. Only contestants from India can apply for this contest, Indian who lived out of the country can also apply for the Kpop contest.

The age of the candidate should be 14 years or above 14 years at the time of registration.

All the candidates can apply for singing and dancing as well. Vocal Ability should be 60%, expression and pronunciation should be 20% and stage charisma should be 20%.

Dance Choreography should be 40%, Technique 30%, and Stage Charisma30%.

SM Entertainment Audition

KPOP India Contest Audition 2023 Registration /Apply Online

KPOP India contest is organized by Korean Cultural Centre. This is a show that can provide your format to show your talent. If you want to give auditions then. In KPOP India anyone having Indian Nationality is eligible to take participate in the show.

Belift Lab Audition 

Non-Indians cannot participate in the show. Previous year participants who got first prize in the team, as well as solo, are not allowed to participate again. One participant can submit their entry in both local as well as dancing categories. 1 entry per category is allowed. KPOP contest 2023 will give you a chance to travel overseas. One thing you should know is that you have a valid passport in case you will be selected as a finalist.

Hybe Labels Audition

  • Go to the official website of the KPOP Contest.
  • Then choose the option upload from the home page. You will get an Application form.
  • Fill out this application form with all details such as :
  • Enter your e-mail address as your user Id and Password.
  • Now choose the region for which you are applying.
  • Now choose the option Vocal or Dance.
  • Fill in your Name or your Group Name, If you have a group of participants then fill in the number and names of participants.
  • Now fill in your State, District, City, and contact numbers.
  • Then upload your video link and check the declaration box.
  • After Verification click on submit button.

ZPOP Dream Audition

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What is KPop India Contest?

This is a Korean Pop music Industry and KPop Group organizes a dance and music contest every year for the contestants of India.

What are the Age criteria to participate in KPop India Contest?

Participants should be 14 years or more than 14 years old at the time of registration for this contest.

In which language KPop sing?

The main language of Kpop is Korean but in some songs, English and Japanese are also very much used.

Can I apply for the contest if my city is not mentioned in the list of the official websites?

Yes, you can apply by choosing the nearest city mentioned in the list.

Where can I get information related to the contest?

You can email and get all the information that you want to know.

Can I edit my music video or dance video before uploading it to the official website?

No editing is not allowed. If you edit your video, you will be disqualified.

We hope you will like our article. If you want to know more about Kpop India Contest, you can follow its website or Facebook or Instagram page and can direct message to get more information.

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  1. I have a question a question is i am 13 years old so can i participate in this contest. In 2022 i am 14 years old complete please tell.

  2. I want to participate in this audition it’s my dream to become a K-pop idiol… a vocalist artist…. Where the auditions begin?

    • Plz tell us the form that my dream to but my parents do not allow but I will participate plz tell us the website

      • Same here I also wanna to became a kpop idol and I am 14 and I very good at singing and dancing and I am also a gymnast so I wanna to become but my parents doesn’t allow because I am a girl and u all know how indian parents are over protective to their child (specially girl) I am very disappointed

      • I want become a K-POP idol but my parents don’t allowe me but i hope in feuture they will agree about this i am also a good dancer and if i learn singing then i hope i will select in audition.

  3. I think my wish is coming true bcz 16 years now i as trying all the audition in many entertainment such as; SM , JYP , BILIFT[Bighit entertainment] , CUBE , etc……
    so I think this is my last chance to do my best if I can audition I will be working hard and try my best……..And all the best for all the participents who are auditioning in this year 2021 ….. FIGHTING!!!!!!

  4. Hello guys
    It’s my dream to become a k-pop idol
    Because I can proof that how I’m good in dance and song that’s why
    I want to participate in the audition

  5. I want to become a k-pop idol because I love to sing and dance and also give so many messages through being a kpop idol .

  6. I want to participate k-pop India contest .I’m 17 years old.but I have a doubt .what are the qualities, I mean if i want to participate the programme any conditions.. e.t.c. i don’t know to speak korean language but I know to sing korean songs. Please replying me please and please tell me where should I apply

  7. I want to participate as a rapper, is there also a rapper category??

    There must be T-T i mean k-pop isn’t only limited to vocals and dance, rap is a big part of it too, look at BTS’s Suga for example. I hope i can participate

  8. Hi I also want to become a kpop idol. So please tell me how can I register for kpop indian contest? And I have one more question. Does weight matters for this contest ?

  9. Dear Sir/Mam
    I am Reshma
    I’m 14 years old
    I’m from South India
    I can sing and dance very well because I’m practicing for 2 years
    My parents also allow me
    My dream is to become a kpop idol
    My parents also want me to become a kpop idol
    When is the audition ???
    Please tell me please Sir/Mam 🙂

  10. Hi…. I’m Anushka , I’m 12 years old. I want to participate as a vocalist. My dream is become to a K-pop idol, I’m a very good dancer and singer also. So please tell me sir /mam where and when is audition …. Thank you so much

  11. I want to become an Kpop idol. I am ready to put my hard work in it, please give me a chance for my good performance, I’m a very good dancer and singer.

  12. I’m sneha chatterjee and i wanted to kpop idol but I’m 19 and i still think that i can become an idol i never learned singing or dancing but I’m confident that i can

  13. Hi ma’am / sir
    Sakshi from Maharashtra Nagpur..
    My dreams is to become k-pop idol..Last time I was not able to apply for audition though I was 14 years old ..
    But now I can apply and can make my dreams come to be in k-pop
    I don’t know will my parents support me or not but I want to apply
    So can you give the official website link

  14. Hi my self mk and I am really interested in kpop I want to bacame a kopo idol like my inspiration is BTS ✨ and I am learning korean as well and I really do work hard thanku

  15. I want to become k- pop idol but my singing skill is not good but I am good in dance so I can eligible for this concert???….and
    one more questions will this concert happen next year( 2022)

    • Yes…it will happen next year also… And yes, if you want to apply for dance u can choose dance opt and upload video link…
      Hope I’ll see you as an idol soonborahae

  16. Can n you please tell me that when we will get audition form because am a huge fan of kpop and specially of BTSBorahae

  17. I want to become a K-pop idol and i am a good dancer but my city is very far from Bhopal so what should i do??

  18. I want to be an k-pop because I want to see army happy ness on her face I don’t want money only I see happy ness on my army face and children to take participate to their hobby .. I love children very much I am13 years old

  19. My name is Ritika
    I am a girl how is from normal family but I want to do some special which make different from others, I want to be a star for me , my family , friends and people how love me . I am 13 year old . I love singing

  20. I wants to be an k-poper because ….I find my happiness in signing and I love k-pop so,I will try for being k-poper….I will keep my everything for becoming k-poper..

  21. I am kimkim
    From Mizoram
    You know,right?
    I am not good dancer but a can dance and i can sing.
    I don’t learn korean language at all
    So,can i still enter k-pop industry?

  22. I’m an indian girl and I am 14 years old can I give audition by singing only or not and which states of india are allowed to give audition for k-pop group

  23. I am in kerala . I want to join in kpop audition . What I do for join kpop audition .
    I am 15 year old. I am studying 10 th .
    Please reply to me

  24. I want to be a singer kpop dancer of India I have a lot of talent. I also do good singing and I also do perfect dancing.

  25. Hi! My name is alisha I am from Mumbai
    My dream of becoming a k pop is from when I was 12 and now I’m 14 actually I really want to become popular and let every body know about me sound’s rude but that’s my dream I hope that I can become a k pop idol one day a very famous one
    Thank you

  26. Hi my name is Kriti Sonar . I am 13 years old .i am good dancer and singer and I wanted to be kpop idol .
    Thank you

  27. Hi my name is sahareen.I’m 16years old. I am good at singing and my ambition is to become singer and I also dance well. Can u please join me in k-pop and Im eagerly waiting for your reply…
    Thank you

  28. I’m singer can you please give me one chance I will to be become a Korean sir I don’t want to become a famous I want to become a Korean sir hopefully you understand my feelings thank you.
    Your respectfully Josh saga

  29. My name is taeraa nengroi
    I am from india i am 15years old
    Can i apply for kpop ..i am a rapper and singer..and can u give me the website plz

  30. Hi, I’m Sneha from India. I cover songs on Starmaker app .
    My hobbies are singing, acting and dancing. My specialty is that I can sing well.

  31. Hii guys!!
    My name is Aisha.
    I’m from India (m.p).
    I also want to give online audition n i’m also good at dancing, singing, rapping.
    Is here anybody whose from (m.p), actually I want some friends to give audition together..soo plz contact me in this no

    • Hi I am angel I want to be a singer I had a good voice I can sing very much good. in my school they liked my voice I am good at rapping singing dancing please give me a chance

  32. Hello sir|ma’am
    Myself Prerna Thakuria
    I am from India (Assam)
    I want to ask that if the auditions are closed because I also want to take part in it

  33. Hi I am shanaya
    I’m from Delhi in India
    And I’m a biggest fan on kpop
    Am good a singing and Dancing
    Am little good of raping pls give me a one chance

  34. Hello. I am 13. I would like to become a trainee for BigHit Entertainment. They have been my favorite company so far, and they way BTS debuted makes me think that BigHit works hard to help trainees achieve their dreams. I have been following BigHit and BTS for a year and half for now, and that got me thinking, “Why can’t I become a K-pop idol?” So, here I am, waiting for a respond from someone who can help me. Thank You!

  35. Hello! My name is Mina Al Zerkani. I am from Ohio, but I was born in Iraq. I can sing, dance, act, and rap well. I auditioned for the Talent Show in my school, and they really liked my voice. I am 13 and a huge fan of K-pop and BTS. I have been waiting for this moment for about 3 years, and I can’t wait for a response from someone who can help me. I also speak excellent English, like Namjoon(RM), and, really, this is my dream, and i’m willing to do anything to make it come true. I am also a little insecure of myself and my body, but BTS really help with their songs. So, may I ask for help on how to keep a good diet and keep my strength? Thank you to whoever listened to me! Have a good rest of your day!

  36. Hi I’m Khushi I’m from India and I’m 11 years old I want to become a K-pop Idol but I can’t give audition because in this year YG K-pop audition are not taking place in my city so I’ll try it next year because I leave in Jharkhand

  37. Hello I’m Khushi and I’ma big fan of BLACKPINK but I’m only 11 years old and I want to give in YG entertainment and I want to became susscessful K-pop Idol like BLACKPINK

  38. Hi my name is Aditi varna
    I love Bts and kpop too
    I’m good at dancing
    Plz… Give me a chance to prove myself
    Thank you

  39. Since childhood I’m only interested in singing. When I feel down, singing can make heal me. Please give me chance. I will never let you down

  40. I’d love to participate in contests cause the thing I only enjoy is dancing and singing I am interested in k-pop since I was too small back then so I didn’t know how to audition for that but now i am 14 year old… So if you can give me I chance then I’d love to prove myself.

    Thank you

  41. Hello I am Ritu. I am 16 years old. And I am from delhi.i love k-pop music. I am biggest fan of BTS . i want to be a k-pop idol

  42. Hello
    I’m Dhruthi Shetty from
    Karnataka India My age is 11 My dream is to become a kpop idol
    Pls help me to become a kpop idol

    • And I’m good at dancing and singing too so pls give me a chance to become a kpop idol and I’ll do whatever u say sir/miss im a big fan of kpop

  43. Hi my name is Shreya Jangra. I am big fan of K-pop. And a very big fan of blackpink. I am 10 years old. My dream is to become a K-pop Idol because I first listen the song of blackpink how you that. I really like that song

  44. When you are conducting the auditions please tell me
    Because my goal is to become a k pop Idol..
    Can I make a song at home and send a video of dance there is any chance in this way please tell me I am studying in 8th class..

  45. Hi my name is Komal Baheti. I am a very big fan of kpop and my dream is to be a kpop idol . I am 16 yrs old. I am good at dancing and rapping can u give a chance to become a kpop idol , I will do any thing u want me to do please.

  46. Hi I am Bella from India my dream and goal to be come k-pop idol I am 13 year old girl I am student in 8th class I am perfect dance and sing I want chance to become a perfect k-pop idol I know I am not best then other but but I do my best sir/miss dance and sing is not my hobby it is my life I show you sir /mam I am perfect K-pop idol

  47. Hi I want to be k-pop idol my dream to become a k-pop idol when you are conducting the auditions please tell me sir /mam

  48. Hi I am Nishrita I wanted to become a k-pop star like BTS please inform me when their is an audition of k-pop

  49. I want to be a kpop Idol because we all had one life and we should do what we can do in this life.

    So inform me about the online auditions when it’s Starting
    Jyp company

  50. I want to participate in lndian kpop competition so l want to know that which languages l mean that can l sing BbTS dyermission tobdance

  51. Hi am Akshada l wanted to bease a k-pop like ᗷTS⟭⟬ please inform me when theirr is an audition of K-pop

  52. Anyuonghaseyo
    my name muskan varman
    i am 15 old
    i am voklest and lead vokel and
    and my father name puspendar varman
    And i my hobby and dream i am kpop idol art and book read
    and my eglish very well and self introduction korean besic legvege Please give me a chance
    and thankyou

  53. Annyong-haseyo
    Am Sayana George
    From India,
    and Am 14 years old
    My Dream and My passion is Am become a Idol of K-pop .
    I can sing and dance ,Please Will you give me a Chance ..I WILL DO IT ..I HOPE THAT YOU REPLY ME..AND SELECT ME.. This is not only a comment this is my Request ..(THANK YOU)

  54. My name is Koyna Singh I’m from India (M.P.) my dream to become a kpop idol and I’ll do everything I can for become I’m good at dancing and rapping and I also can learn Korean so please give me a chance plsss….

  55. Annyeonghaseyo myself nivedita 12 years old my father name is vinod my hobby is singing dancing and listening k-pop plz give me a chance

  56. My name Krish roy
    I am 14 old
    My role model J-Hope
    My father name judisthir roy
    And i my hobby and dream i am kpop idol gaming and dance and my eglish well I try hundred percent please please give me a chance.

    and thank you

  57. My name is Bhumi Gupta
    I am inspired by BTS
    I am good at rapping and dancing
    My dream is to be a kpop idol and to to inspire the people who never achieve their dreams
    Please give me a chance
    Thank you so much

    • My name is ROMAIZA PEREIRA i am twelve years old I am good i m good in English and good in singing and dancing and my family dream is to make me a kpop idol please give me a chance please

    • Chooti shukla
      I am good in rapping and dancing my dream is to be a kpop idol and to the inspire the people who never achieve their dreams please give me a chance thank you so much

  58. My name is Aastha
    I am 15 years old
    I am good at dancing and acting
    My dream is to be an Kpop actress
    Please give me a chance to be an Kpop actress
    thank you

  59. I am Rohini Krishna . m. u
    15 year’s old
    am good at dancing, singing and playing gittar.
    please give me a chance I’ll do my best.
    Thank you

  60. Hiii im Dikshita das
    My Father name is Dhiraj das
    I’m inspired by all the k-popers
    My dream is to become an idol
    I’m good at singing and dancing
    please give me a chance
    Thank you very much

  61. I’m Meena, from tamilnadu in India, where the korean tamil Prince Heo Hwang Ok was born. I thought that this idea of giving chance to Indian people who are interested in Kpop..thanks for the opportunity. I’m interested to do that..If u give me a chance, hope I won’t make u to reject me…thank you..

  62. my name is Kanikshaa.K
    I am one of the biggest fan of BTS
    I also inspired by BTS
    Even though my parents are against my wish, I deeply want to become a kpop idol
    even though I am not good at dancing I can learn it fast and I will try hundred percent
    thank you

  63. Hello,
    My name is Arshdeep kaur
    I am 14 year old
    My father name is Baljinder Singh
    I’m inspired by BTS and Blackpink l want to became a k-pop idol , I can rap,sing and dance also

  64. My name is nishi Tembulkar from India
    I am inspired by Blackpink And BTS
    Role model Kim Jennie from blackpink
    I am good at dancing and singing
    I am good at English and learning korean
    I will try my best for this audition

  65. 안녕하서요 My Name is D.abirami My age is 14
    Iam intrested in K-pop and Iam also learning Korean Course My Dream and My goal is one and only K-pop
    Iam good at dancing,singing
    Please please Give me Chance I have to achieve my Dream please

  66. Hi my name is Diana pandey.
    I am from India.
    I am inspired by (BTS)
    I am good at singing and dancing.
    My dream is to become a k pop idol and to make people happy and teach them to love yourself and to help each other and to get their dreams reach the success that’s all and thanks for giving me a chance.

  67. Hello my name is Kriti. I’m 16 year old. My vocals are so good also can do fast rap. I am dancing since my childhood. I trained myself in vocals and rap almost for year and half. I am so much interested to become a idol. I will work hard and give my best.❤️

  68. Iam Bharathi Dharmana
    Iam 22 years girl
    Iam good at singing and I want to become k-pop idol if these age have a chance to participate in auditions
    Please give me a chance to prove me
    Thank you so much

  69. Hey,
    I am mansi katkade
    And I am 16 years old
    I am good singer and also good
    Dancer .
    And I can also talk in Korea .
    You can give a me chance to participate this auditions. i can give my best please……..

  70. Hii I am Rutuja Navale from india 18 years old I want to become a kpop idol and I am good in singing and also dancing then , please give me chance

  71. My name Mahi mathur
    My age 14
    I am good in dancing, modelling and acting
    Want to become kpop idol
    My favourite kpop member is BTS ,black pink and NCT

    Thank you

  72. Hello I am Aiswarya,
    I am 14 years old I am from india Iam intrested in K-pop and Iam also learning Korean Iam good at dancing,singing
    Please please Give me Chance I have to achieve my Dream please am confident so if I get a chance I will prove to everyone that it’s worth.

  73. Annyoeng my name is Ananthi
    My dream is to become an idol
    Iam very good at vocals and visuals and
    Also dancing, iam 14 years old pls give me a chance to prove me.

    • I sir and mam I am indian and I am 14 year old please enter me
      I am good dance and singer please please admit me
      Because my dream is k-pop so please give me a chance to prove me

  74. Hello i am vanshika from india .
    I am good at dancing … and i have deep voice too !
    Recently i am working on myself !
    On my personality !

  75. hi, i’m sandhiya from india
    age 4teen
    I’m good at vocals and dancing and i am learning dance from my childhood
    my biggest dream is “I want to be an idol” pls give me chance i will definitely put so much hardwork…. so pls give me a chance to shine…
    i hope you will read this and give me a chance
    waiting for your reply…

  76. Hello sir
    I am kanak sahani
    I am 15 years old
    I am interested in kpop please give me chance I don’t have any group but I like to join any Indian group.

  77. Hello,
    I am kanak Sahani
    Did you like to make group can I join you??
    I can’t speak korean but I am learning.

  78. I am shifa thaseen.m
    I am 12 years old
    I can dance and sing
    But I am tamilnadu
    I can speak English and can’t speak Korean as I soon I will learn.
    My weight 36 kg
    My height 155cm

  79. I want to be a kpop idol please give me a chance to shine i will put all my effort and i will do hardworking please thank u

  80. Iam mohana Priya I can speak little Korean I want to be a kpop can you please give me a chance please iam 15 year old iam in tamil naud Thank you

  81. Annyeong, I know very little bit Korean. Iam learning Korean and I will soon learn Korean, I want to take part in kpop as a group member, I can sing well, can speak English well, Iam 14 years old,
    I will work hard and put my 100%percent effort to raise my group and raise my company.

  82. Annyeong, I want to take part in kpop 2021 contest. I know little bit of Korean and I will soon learn Korean. My height is 1.58m and I am 14 years old. l can speak English well and I can be soloist and as a group member but I want to be as group member.
    Please give me chance I will put my 100% percent effort to raise my group member and my company.

  83. I am shifa thaseen.m
    I am 12 years old
    I can’t speak Korean but I can speak English as I soon I will learn
    My height 155
    My weight 36

  84. Hello plz i was seeing for a kpop..but now i saw..i want to become an kpop idols and Spratt the song to full world and i also know how to speak in Korea..plz..i am from
    Northeast India but i am not India people..

  85. Hello. I want to take part in kpop 2021 audition.i know korean. I know english very well. Iam an 15 year old singer . I can dance very well. And also i can sing rapping from any song. I will do my best . Please give me a chance.

  86. My name is athulya balakrishnan I want to be a KPOP Idol. I am 15 years old. I know dance well. know how to sing and model. know song writing

  87. Hello my name is kumiko and I am 14 year old . I can speak Korean and English , I am from India [M.P] I want to became part of Kpop so please give me chance . I am sing , dance and also good in acting .

  88. I’m LEKHANA age 16 I can sing songs well and I didn’t took any training for singing I will just sing in my church so I like to become a idol I can sing vocal and I can dance well I have learned to dance for blackpink songs I like to rap I know I will rap if I get trained i will rap well but I can’t speak Korean language well but I like Korean language and there culture if I focused on this I will learn Korea soon asv well thank you

  89. I am muskan and I want to be a k-pop idle I am good at singing , dancing , and acting I don’t know korean language but Ican sing and I
    Do my best please give me a chance I love k-pop very much . I want to be a k-pop idle it’s not only my drem it’s my passion . K-pop is my life I hope you anderstand my feelings please give me a chance

  90. Hi friends I’m Mary I know how to sing I have also once been in k-pop auditions but didn’t got select in the final round because the final song was choosen by them and we have to complete it by only 10 min while starting to sing that song it going well but I’m week at rapping so I’m not selected but I will try my best this time☺️

  91. Hi
    Iam ananya
    Iam only 14 now
    Iam good at vocals but not Korean and English but am preparing for it day by day and am am writing lyrics in my notebook and pronouncing it and now am better than before and I also can’t sing high notes cuz am scared of my parents, what if they heard me singing ? Iam not scared of audience am scared of my parents I can sing infront of my principal too but I can’t infront of my parents and they also don’t like these things but I will do it and make them proud and in dance I don’t have that much big house so I can’t do practice but still am doing it in that small space and wrapping I will do it now am preparing for daechwita so I want to do my best and am preparing for it I don’t thi k so am ready for this year but maybe I will fill up the form next year so am preparing for it for being like Korean artist my lifestyle am trying to change my lifestyle so yeah I hope you understand.

  92. Hi I am 12 year old
    I want to be k pop idol
    My weight 33
    My name Aishleen Chandra
    I am an Indian
    I love Koreans
    I like bts
    They are great
    And jimin my Best Friend
    Thank you

  93. Hi my name is nanni
    My age is 14 years old
    My height is 5.5 inch
    My weight is 30
    I am from India
    I love Korea
    I am black pink fan

  94. Hii, I am from india and living in mumbai.I am 12 years old. I can sing and rap. I am studying in 8th class and after completing my high school. I want to become a kpop idoland this is my dream. Is there any online or offline audition. what is the website please tell me


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