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The 6th South Korea India friendship quiz competition 2021 is start now. You can do Korea India Quiz 2021 Registration on koreaindiaquiz.com and Login Page. Korea India friendship quiz competition is going to start from the month of June 2021.

This is basically South Korea India friendship quiz competition aim to spread out the awareness about Korea and its culture in school students.

This will provide a great knowledge about Korea to Indian students, and also Indian students from interact with Korean on a international level.

Also Indian student will get information about Korea and how Korea is developing them and what is the position of Korea in Asia.

To provide awareness about Korean culture in India, Korea India Quiz 2021 is going to start again in this year. This is the 6th Korean Indian student competition.

Korea India Quiz 2021

All the students and schools who want to participate in this competition, they can do online Korea India Quiz 2021 Registration. In this competition student will get question related to Korean history, culture, Korean tradition as well as their art and literature.

There are some more topics on which this competition will be conducted and student have to to do preparation on these topics. The complete list of these topics are given below:-

Competition Question Subjects List

  • Information about people of Korea
  • History of Korea and its culture
  • Traditions
  • Art and literature
  • Science and Technology
  • Korea entertainment industry
  • Sports
  • Sporting achievements
  • Education system
  • Korea famous personalities
  • Korean events
  • Land and geography of Korea
  • Heritage
  • Natural resources
  • Wildlife and nature
  • Travel attractions and tourist destinations in Korea
  • Cuisine and food culture
  • International relationship of Korea with other countries
  • Current affairs about Korea
  • Korea type and links with India
  • Cultural, diplomatic, economical and educational relation with India

So these are the topics from which question will be ask in Korea India Quiz 2021. So you have to better prepare for these topics.

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Structure of Korea India Quiz competition 2021

This competition it will be held in 3 levels. These three levels are are mentioned below:-

Level 1:- in first level design individual level in which online test will be conducted on quiz website.

Level 2:- in this level City level quizzes competition will be held on video conferencing

Level 3:- in this level, National level quizzes join this on video conferencing

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Competition Prize Details

Level 1:- in the individual level in all over the India’s schools are being invited for Korea India Quiz 2021 registration online for class 7th to 12th.

The level 1 quiz Competition registration will be start from 1st of April 230th of May 2021. Every individual winner will get a cash price of 250 rupees. Also student will get the Digital Certificate of participation in this quiz competition.

Level 2:- inter level all the schools around the city will be invited on the broom. All the students will be connected with a meeting room and then there are 15 questions that will be displayed one by one on the screen.

Students have to submit their answer with the help of chat mechanism. Answer should be submitted within 15 seconds.

At the end of this competition top 10 scorer of this will be invited for the meeting for the city final. Then interest competition one by one questions will be ask and winner will get prize.

  • Registration for level 2 will be start from 12th of June 2021 to 23rd of July 2021.
  • Each City champion will get the award cash prize of rupees 10000
  • Also all city level contestants will receive a Digital Certificate of merit.

Level 3:- this is basically a national level quiz competition, which is held on zoom app with the help of video conferencing. There are 20 winners of the city quizzes will be shorted and two two groups. In this quiz you have to give answer within 30 seconds and their five questions will be ask.

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  • This competition semi final will be held on 26th and 27th of July 2021.
  • Then the final national level finale will be held on 30th of July 2021.
  • All the national Champions top 4 scorers will get a free trip to Korea.
  • Rather than that National level contestants will get a Digital Certificate of honour.

Korea India Quiz 2021 Registration / Login

So guys if you want to participate in 6th Korea India friendship online quiz competition 2021, then follow the procedure which is given. We will cover all the important steps of registration in this article:-

Korea India Quiz 2021
  • On the homepage you will see login as well as register button.
  • If you already registered on this website then you just enter your username and password and login.
  • In case you new on this website then click on the register button and then a new page will be open on your screen.
  • This is basically a application form in which you have to enter your name, date of birth, class, state, city name, school name, pin code, email id and mobile number.
Korea India Quiz 2021 Registration
  • After entering this details you have to click on register button.
  • In case of Registration, On the home page Enter Username and Passwords. then Click on Login Button.
Korea India Quiz Login

So finally you registration process is completed for korea India quiz 2021. We hope that the information we are providing in this article is helpful for you. In case you have any question or query regarding this competition then you can ask us in the comment section below.

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What is Korea India quiz competition 2021?

This is basically a quiz competition for school going students of India.

Who is going to organizeKorea India quiz competition?

This quiz competition is organized by Korean Cultural Centre India and embassy of the Republic of Korea.

Who is eligible to participate in Korea India quiz competition?

Students from class 7th to 12th take part in this competition.

What is the winning price of this competition?

There are three levels of this competition. In the first level you will get 250 rupees. In the second level you will get 10000 rupees. And in the Third Level you will get a free trip to Korea.

What is the registration fee for Korea India friendship quiz competition?

There is no registration fee for this competition. Student can register themselves free of cost on the official website.

What is the last date for Korea India quiz competition registration?

Student can register himself or herself before 30th of May 2021.

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