(Season 6) Kon Honaar Crorepati 2022 Registration Marathi KBC Audition

Know More How to Participate in Kon Honaar Crorepati 2022 Registration for New Season 6. The Marathi KBC Registration / kon hoeel Marathi crorepati Audition on @Sony Marathi & Sony Liv App.

Marathi KBC Get huge popularity after its 1st season. Show formant is in Marathi but the pattern is the same as KBC. The primary language for this show is Marathi. This is one of the most popular Marathi TV Reality shows. If you want to participate in this show then you have to do Marathi KBC Registration 2022 online. This process will be initiated with the help of SonyLiv app. In this post, we explain the process of registration step by step. The main thing which is required for registration is SonyLiv App. Download this app from google play store or IOS Store.

Sony Marathi channel is going to start a new season of Kon Honaar Crorepati 2022. The Registration of this show will start from the 23rd of February 2022 till the 8th of March 2022. You can Register yourself for this show with miss call number 70390-77772. You can also register yourself with the Sonyliv app.

One of the most popular Marathi shows Kon Honaar Crorepati season 6 is going to start in the upcoming month of April. It is expected that this show will be on air from the month of April but now there is no official announcement yet.

This show is hosted by one of the popular Marathi actors Sachin Khedekar. This is one of the gaming reality shows based on the Hindi TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati which is hosted by Shri Amitabh Bachchan.

Kon Honaar Crorepati Registration

After the announcement of Kon Honaar Crorepari specifically, Marathi KBC gets a huge response has been seen after the announcement. The registration process of the show is started on the 24th of March and closed on the 2nd of April. Before the last date of closing, a huge number of people register themselves for the show.

According to the news portal Times of India, the fifth season of KBC Marathi is creating a record, regarding registration. There is a huge response has been seen from all over Maharashtra for this quiz show. A higher number of entries has been noted in the first 4 days of registration. If you are already registered for this show then you have to wait for the call from KBC Marathi team.

Kon Honaar Crorepati 2022 Registration

The previous version of Kon Honaar Crorepati of season 4 was completed already in 2019. The next season that is season 6 was started in 2020. But due to the covid-19 pandemic, this show will be postponed to next year that is 2022.

If you are interested to participate in the show then you need to do Kon Honaar Crorepati registration online. The whole process is mentioned step by step and in this article, you will get all the details in this one place.

Kon Honaar Crorepati 2021 Registration

This is a gaming TV reality show, which is totally based on Kaun Banega crorepati. The main theme of this show is totally based on the English reality show that is who become Millionaire is this show. After the huge success of the show, the various versions of the show make in different languages.

Marathi KBC Registration 2022

In Kon Honaar Crorepati season 6 the winning price is 1 crore rupees. Most of the time questions will be asked from general knowledge, mythological, science fiction, technology, history, and other various topics.

All the interested participants who want to participate in Kon Honaar Crorepati 6 Audition 2022, then you to do registration first. In this article, we will tell you to have to participate in the show.

What are the eligibility criteria of Kon Honaar Crorepati and what are the documents required for starting date of the show is also discussed in this post?

Kon Honaar Crorepati Season 6 Audition Process

If you want to visit the show then you need to follow the procedure which is mentioned step by step.

  • Firstly you need to visit the Google Play Store, in Android devices.
  • Then you need to search Sony Liv app.
  • When you find this app, you need to install this application.
Marathi KBC Registration 2021
  • After the installation you need to do make an account in this application.
  • You can also login this app with the help of your social media accounts or Email Id.
  • After make an account in this application you can register yourself for this show.
  • Age of the contestant is more than 18 years.
  • When you clik on the Registration for this show, The 1st option choose Language. Choose Marathi lanhugar and move further.
  • Now a New page is open in witch you can see the registration link. In this Nodni Karasathi Click Kara option is seen. choose it.
  • Now the next page is choose your Gender Male, Female or other, and then click on Next.
  • On 24th of March 2022 what is your age, Chose your option and click proceed.
  • In the Next page choose you area from witch you belong. choose your area and click next.
  • Now choose you Qualification.
  • Then next is a Question, having 4 answers. choose one answer and click on submit. This normal question answer is used to shortlist the candidates for the Kon Honaar Crorepati audition 2022.
  • After successful summation, a Message is seen on your screen that’s you application is completed.

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Starting date of Marathi KBC 2022

  • Right now there is a news that the show will be started soon in the upcoming months.
  • According to rumor’s this show will be start in the upcoming month.
  • According to news Kon Honaar Crorepati will be on air from april 2022.
  • The exact date of of starting the show will be updated on our website soon.

Kon Honaar Crorepati Eligibility criteria

There are some eligibility criteria which is, very important for every participant. So you need to follow this eligibility…

  • Anyone who is a permanent resident of India and having Indian Nationality is eligible to take part in the show.
  • Participant age should be 18 years or more than 18 are eligible for the show.
  • Any person who has criminal background are having any criminal charges is not eligible for the show.
  • This show is in the Marathi language. So anyone who is good at Marathi can participate in this show.
  • This is necessary for every participant to speak in Marathi at the time of show shooting.

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KBC Marathi Documents Required

There are some documents that are mandatory at the time of registration.

  • Nationality proof of participant
  • Age proof
  • Participant Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Medical certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • Other documents

Official website of Sony LIV

Sony Liv App for Android

Sony Liv App for IOS

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Important FAQ

What is the main aim to start Kon Honaar Crorepati?

This is a gaming TV reality show, which is started for the people who want to show their general knowledge and win money. The show is also started on the basis of entertainment.

What is the main plot of Kon Honaar Crorepati?

This show is totally inspired by the Indian TV reality show Kaun Banega crorepati.

Who is the host of Kon Honaar Crorepati season 6?

Marathi popular TV actor Sachin Khedekar is going to host this show.

What is the age limit required to join Kon Honaar Crorepati?

Participant age should be 18 or more than 18 years is required to join this show.

What is the starting date of Kon Honaar Crorepati for season 6 Registration?

According to the news, this show registration starts from 23rd February to 8th of March 2022.

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  1. कोण होणार करोडपती येचा मघे ओनलाइन खेळुन पैसे भेटनार आसेल तर कस रजिस्ट्रेशन करावे लागेल

  2. मी kbc मध्ये रजिस्ट्रेशन केले आहे. मला ४ एप्रिल व ५ एप्रिल दरम्यान ३ वेळा फोन येऊन गेला पण मी फोन उचलल्यावर पलीकडून काहीच आवाज येत नाही, तसेच मी त्या नंबरवर फोन करायचा प्रयत्न केला असता फोन लागत नाही. तरी कृपया मला पुन्हा फोन करावा हि विनंती.

    जयेश जाधव –

  3. Mla kbc mdhun phone ala hota pn majya kdun by mistake wrong option press zala tya mule plzz punha mla call krava.

  4. मी KBC मध्ये रजिस्ट्रेशन केले आहे. मला 6 एप्रिल रोजी फोन येऊन गेला पण मी फोन उचलल्यावर पलीकडून काहीच आवाज येत नाही, तसेच मी त्या नंबरवर फोन करायचा प्रयत्न केला असता फोन लागत नाही. तरी कृपया मला पुन्हा फोन करावा हि विनंती.
    रूपाली शेलार

    • मला आपला कॉल आला होता. 2nd राऊंड साठी माझी निवड झाली आहे. मला ऑफलाईन ऑडिशन साठी यायचं आहे. तरी मला परत कॉल करा. आणि ऑनलाईन ऑडिशनच ऑप्शन आहे का ?

  5. Mi kon honar carodpati ya karykramat bhag ghevu ichchhite please maze abhipray s samja


    11 April kuthe auditions la yayche te sanga

  6. 7April roji mnje aaj mla kon hoil marathi crorpati kadun call ala hota pn by mistake mazyakadun chukicha option press zala plz mla prt call kra plz plz

  7. mi Poonam, mala kon honar marathi karodpati madhun phon aala hota pan kahi karnastav mala avaj nahi aala tyamule kahi samjle nahi. tari mala parat call karava hi vinanti.

  8. I have got call for the 3rd round which is going to be happen on 11/04/2021. Can you please call me back? I don’t understand that how to connect through sony live app for that round.

  9. mala hya numbar war audition call alla pan mazya chukun 2 numbar dabla gella karpa karun punha call karne qashma asavi dhanyawad

  10. KHMC चे lucky phone calls किती तारखेपर्यंत चालणार आहे ते कळवा.

  11. Mala call aala v 11 tarkhelLA 11 wajta dusar audition Ashe as sangital pan kas kuthe. Karaych te nahi kalal pls. Mala margdarshan. Kara

  12. सर, माझी परिस्थिती खूपच बिकट आहे मला खूप गरज आहे मला खेलायचयं सर पण मला रजिस्ट्रेशन कसं करायचं माहिती नाही,

  13. सर माझे Registration झाले आहे.
    मला फोन आला आहे. रविवारी परीक्षा आहे. तरी Log in कसे करावे. ते कृपया करून सांगावे.

  14. मला अजून देखील फोन आलेला नाही…. किती दिवस paryant वाट बघावी लागले कॉल येण्याची

  15. नमस्कार
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    तरी कृपया मार्गदर्शन करावे

  16. Hello sir,
    Plz mala kbc madhe yeyacha ahe Ani mi all que.che ans. Dile ahet so plz plz mala kbc madhe yenya sathi call Kara…

  17. Hello sir, mala KHMC madhe yeyacha ahe, Ani mi sarva que.che ans.right dile aahet & mala maza aaich swapna complete karycha ahe mala sadhya paisachi khup garaj ahe…plz mala audition sathi call Kara..

  18. Hello Namskar sir 3 Round madhe selection jhala hota, (11-4-2021)aaj network issues mule mala online link karata aala nahi. so please sir mala parat khelata yet ka sir.

    • Sony live app log in kelynanter next round la audition detanna maz back options click zal ter mala parat audition deta yeil ka
      Plz tell Mi how

  19. Sorry sir आज मला नेटवर्क issue मुळे online ऑडिशन देता आली नाही…plz तुम्ही परत घ्याल का audition plz

  20. Hi sir im Anand magare i had ragistared kon honar corepati sor ple give me chance to hot seat i express the full entertainment and comedi to pepole and pepole enjoing while i play kon honar corepati

  21. 24 मार्च 2021 ला रजीस्ट्रेशन झाले आहे तरी मला आद्याप call आला नाही

  22. जय हिद
    सौ. सुखदा सावंत
    Mla KBC mhadhe vichar karun ,khelun jinkun
    Mla maza vavsay suru karaycha aahe.gavacha vikas karaycha aahe.

  23. hello I am parkash jagtap from pune everyday I play the khc show liv on sony liv app ..from two days I am getting a call regarding I have been selected for the kon honar corepati live show..The number form which I got call is 0225 and 022500..Actually I am so confused about it that it is a fake or a true call

  24. Two calls received from sony marathi kbc for audition but first time after entering age 50 it automatically cut the call with answer did not match and 2nd time also entering age as on july 2021 call automatically cut without any answer. please allow me 8917641691 to attend audition.

  25. केबीसी मराठीमध्ये नुकसानभरपाईसाठी वाचनालय बांधण्यासाठी प्रश्न उत्तर विचारले गेले आमचे सुद्धा घर कर्जामध्ये बुडणार आहे पाच लाखासाठी आम्हाला फक्त पाच लाख रुपयांची गरज आहे आमच्या सोबत सुद्धा एखादा चांगला व्यक्ती देऊन आम्हाला सुद्धा जिंकू द्या, ही विनंती

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