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All the services List on Kerala Sevana Civil Registration portal online registration form Birth, Death, Marriage Certificate Application Form Download and Search Certificate Status

As we all know Kerala State is one of the state in which literacy rate is very high. Show the people in Kerala for more educated as compared to other states in India. Son of the Kerala government take are very good step that they will make all the the essential services online. For this purpose Kerala government start Kerala Sevana Civil Registration which provide various certificates online.

From this portal you can get birth certificate, death certificate and marriage certificate. The main purpose to start this service is to decrease gathering in government offices. It will also save time and energy of people to visit government offices. As well as it also reduce the manual manpower in general public offices.

So if you are from Kerala state then you need to visit the official portal and register online to use various services and certificates.

Kerala Sevana Civil Registration

The main purpose to write this article to tell our visitors how they can apply online for the Kerala Sevana Civil Registration services. You can get online certificates and various other services from this official portal.

Sevana Civil registrations portal is one of the bottle in which you can register for birth, death add marriage certificate online. If you are citizen of Kerala,then this portal is very useful for you. All the application forms you can easily download from Sevana Civil official portal. After downloading your form you can submit this form to the concerned authority. This portal will provide you service that you can apply for death certificate, birth Certificate online. With the help of this portal you don’t have to visit any Government office for your work. This is one of the best way in the time of covid situation.

List of services provided by Sevana Civil Registration Kerala

So guys there are some services which we are mentioned below. With the help of this portal you can use the services and download this certificates

  • Issue online Birth certificate
  • Issue online death certificate
  • Marriage certificate

Sevana Civil Registration For Birth Certificate at

No we will tell you how you can initiate the birth certificate registration

  • In the initial step you need to visit the Sevana Civil registration official website.
Sevana Civil Registration Birth Certificate
  • Now you will reach on the home page of official website.
  • On the homepage you will see 1 section of registration of birth and death section in the documents category, which is at the bottom of website.
Birth Certificate step 2
  • Click on it and you will be transferred to to next page.
  • Now in this page there is application form link is available.
  • Now click on the forms and then a new page will be open in front of your Screen.
  • In this there are two forms one is Birth Report and second one is for death report.
  • You need to click on birth report.
Birth Certificate step 3
Sevana Civil Registration Birth Certificate pdf
  • Take a printout of this form and then fill this form manually.

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Sevana Birth Report Registration Form

  • When we start to fill this form, Enter the birth date details on this application form.
  • Now choose the child is male or female.
  • Now you need to enter basic details like child father name, mother name, permanent address and address of the parents at the time of child birth.
  • Provide the place of birth details with hospital or institution name then fill the informant name and your house address.
  • Now I need to provide the date and then left thumb signature of the informant.
  • Now you need to enter town or village name with all the residence details of mother. Also add religion details of family members with mother and father.
  • Provide education qualification of mother and father, occupation of both, mother age at the time of childbirth.
  • Provide the details of number of child born alive to the mother so far.
  • Now you need to provide details like type of Attention at the time of delivery.
  • Also provide the type of delivery natural, cesarean, forceps/vacuum.
  • Also provide the birth weight of child and duration of pregnancy.
  • Finally you need to enter date and left thumb impression or signature of the informant.
  • Now you need attach all the necessary documents, and then submit this to the concerned department for the next verification process.

Register For Sevana Death Certificate Online

  • Visit the official website that is sevana Kerala.
  • Again you need to visit document section and click on the registration of birth and death.
  • Now application form is open on your screen.
Sevana Civil Death Registration

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Sevana Death Report Registration Form

  • Now you need to enter the date of death in this application form.
  • The next thing you need to do enter the disease name, name of the father or husband, mother name, Male or Female.
  • Now you need to enter the place of death (hospital or institution name), then fill the the house address and then and details of informant name and address.
  • The next thing you need to do is to enter the detail and then left thumb impression or signature of the informant.
  • In the next section you need to enter your village or town name.
  • Now the next thing you need to enter is the religion occupation of the person.
  • You also provide which type of medical attention received before the person died.
  • Also provide answer the question what was the cause of death which is mentioned in medical certificate.
  • Also give the actual cause of death and disease name.
  • In any case when female is died then you have to mention that is female is pregnant at the time of pregnancy and also give detail about for within 6 week and of pregnancy. Give your answer in yes or no.
  • Now you also mentioned that the person is died is habitable to smoke over chew tobacco from many years.
  • Is the person is able to drink alcohol and how many years he was taking this.
  • No finally at the end you need to provide all the necessary documents and submit with application form.

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Search Birth, Death, Marriage Certificate online on Sevana Civil Registration

  • To search your Certificate online you need to visit the official website of sevana civil registration.
  • Now on the homepage you will see section click here for certificate search and Quick Certificate Search.
Search Certificate Online
  • Click on CERTIFICATE SEARCH it and now you will be redirected to a new page.
  • In the space you need to choose firstly your district name, local body type and then local body.
  • Now click on the submit button.
Search Certificate Step 2
  • Within few seconds you will see the status of your birth or death registration for marriage registration.
  • You can also select the year and also choose the option you are searching for that is for birth certificate, death certificate marriage certificate status.
  • Applicant can also select the certificate by choosing the specific year.
  • In case of death certificate download you need to provide the details like that of death, gender name, person mother or wife name, father name or husband name, hospital name and finally the registration number and key number.
  • Then fill the captcha code for verification and then click on the submit button.
  • Now the Sevana civil registration status for birth, death or marriage registration will be displayed on the screen.

Note:- the application registration status search will be same in case of death certificate and marriage certificate.

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Official website of sevana civil registration

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Important FAQ

What is the main purpose to start kerala sevana civil registration portal?

Kerala government start sevana civil registration portal is to provide and issue birth, death and marriage certificate online.

How I can use online services for sevana civil registration?

To use the services you need to visit the official web portal and access this website.

Which type of services we can use on the sevana Civil registration portal?

I can use the services that our birth certificate, death certificate add marriage certificate online from this website.

Is there any option to check the status of of your certificate registration?

Yes. you can check the status of your application after apply online.

Kerala sevana civil portal is one of the most visited portal for citizens. Due to covid-19 situation all the government offices are working on 50%. Half of the employees are on leave and only half of the staff is working in offices. Only essential services offices are open and non Essentials are temporary closed by Kerala government. So if you you want any type of services like birth certificate, death certificate or marriage certificate (Hindu/Common) then you can use this portal for registration as well as download. All the processes for registration as well as searching certificates are available and explained on our portal.

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