Kerala Rubber Production Incentive Scheme Application Form | Status

Kerala Rubber Production Incentive Scheme Application Form | Payment Status, rubber production incentive scheme registration, rubber production incentive scheme annexure 1 / Payment

Hello Everyone Today we are here to provide you a New Kerala Government Scheme. This is specially for Rubber Plan Workers. The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and other rubber companies involved in the rubber loan scheme will be part of the talks in the next phase. The talks will decide the loan amount, interest rate and other details. The plan is aimed at ensuring funds for rubber plantation, production and sales with the help of government and companies. Rubber farmers will be provided loans by NABARD on the guarantee of the Rubber Board. The amount will be released in phases in the first, third and fifth years. The loan repayment will start from the eighth year.

Rubber Production Incentive Scheme 2021

Friends The Government of Kerala launched the Rubber Price Stabilization Scheme or Rubber Production Incentive scheme on July 1, 2015, as part of its efforts to save rubber farmers from a sharp fall in prices. The objective of the scheme is to ensure Rs 150 per kg to rubber farmers. Under this scheme, the variation between the INR 150 and daily cost index set by Rubber Board is the regular reference cost, will be given as subsidy and offered straight to the farmer’s bank account.

Near About 10 lakh small and medium rubber farmers will get the benefit of the scheme. Farmers having a total area of not more than five hectares of rubber cultivation can register under the scheme. The tapped area eligible for financial assistance will be limited to two hectares of rubber per applicant. Eligible financial assistance for each applicant will be limited to 1800 kg per hectare per annum, which is also the estimated average productivity of rubber in the state. To register for this Scheme we need to visit the website rubber production incentive scheme

So Guys We can see the latest updates like Farmer Registration for Scheme, Subsidy to Rubber Farmers, RPS Registration for Rubber Production Incentive Scheme etc on the website. Look for the link to register and then follow the instructions carefully to complete the registration.  Rubber Board received 1,66,194 sale bills during May 2019 from small rubber growers under this Scheme funded by the Government of Kerala.

Rubber Production Incentive Scheme

Guys The bills were confirmed for effecting payment to growers as price incentive and generated an Internal and Extra Budgetary Resources (IEBR) Fund of 0.77 crore during May 2019. Rubber industry is one of the important agro-based industries and natural rubber producers faced many problems relating to its price. Government has introduced many schemes for the development of this crop and Rubber Production Incentive Scheme (RPIS) is a programme which guarantees a minimum price of Rs.150 per kilogram for rubber. There has been a slight change in the area of rubber after this and the study reached a conclusion that farmers are effectively managing their costs through this scheme.

Rubber production incentive scheme annexure 1

The Government of Kerala has given approval for implementing the sixth phase of the Rubber Production Incentive Scheme (RPIS). The scheme is envisaged to ensure Rs 150 per kilogram of RSS 4 sheet rubber. The rubber growers who have not yet registered in the scheme can also register now. The registration will be open up to November 30 2021.

The state government has given a green signal to continue the rubber production incentive scheme in Kerala. In the Kerala Budget 2017-18, the government has allocated Rs. 500 Crore for another one year. The scheme is benefiting the small-scale rubber farmers by providing them the incentive for the growth of rubbers. Under the Rubber Subsidy scheme, if the wholesale prices of rubber fall down below Rs. 150 per kilo gram then the balance amount will be paid by the government in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries through direct bank transfer.

As per the guidelines issued by the Government, the farmers with a total area of not exceeding 5 hectors of land can register with the scheme. The tapped area consider for the financial aid is limited to 2 hectors of rubber for each applicant and it will be limited to 1,800 kg yield per hector a year. Those plantations that have been registered as companies will not be eligible to enjoy the financial assistance extended by the Government.

Subsidy Provided Under This Scheme

The government allotted around three hundred crores for the budget of subsidy’s payment. Almost 9,300 farmers were qualified to get an allowance. There are total 2,200 societies listed under the Rubber Board as they are the enrolled farmers of the members. Around two lakh farmers have applied for the subsidy so far. From the total twelve lakhs marginal and small rubber growers, the government is expecting at least three lakh of farmers to receive an allowance.

rubber production incentive scheme application form

  1. The interested rubber farmers can register themselves to avail the benefits of the scheme by filling up the application form using the link below.
  2. Rubber farmer registration form link:
  3. The application forms endorsed by the president of the Rubber Producers Society and upload the photograph, scanned copies of land tax receipts, first page of the bank passbook and ID proof such as Aadhaar card, driving licence, etc. to complete the process.
  4. The subsidy will be provided to the farmers directly into their bank accounts once every two weeks.

Rubber Production Incentive Scheme Status

  1. Visit the Official Website.
  2. Click on “Beneficiary Status Details”.
  3. Fill in the details to get the full information.
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