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The mission of Excise Department is prevention of offences under the Abkari Act, Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act and Medicinal and Toilet Preparations (Excise Duties) Act. Another mission of the department is to reduce the availability of liquor. Intensive awareness campaign against Alcoholism and drug abuse. Leakage of Excise revenue will be prevented and transparency in the functioning of the department will be ensured.

Kerala Bevco Online Purchase

After a few states permitted the offer of liquor on the web, Kerala may likewise before long beginning on the web deals of liquor. State-claimed Kerala State Beverages Corporation (Bevco), the sole distributer of liquor in the state, is looking for an idiot proof virtual IT answer for initiate business on the web. Kerala Bevco supremo, Sparjan Kumar has moved toward the state-run Start-up Mission to distinguish a reasonable IT specialist co-op.

People are searching for Kerala Bevco Online Purchase of Liquor and they are waiting for online purchase start date. The destitute state exchequer has been feeling the squeeze.

Kerala Bevco Online Purchase
Kerala Bevco Online Purchase

A month ago, all what the state government could collect from different sources was a minor ₹250 crore. For finance starved Kerala, income on liquor and brew is one of the greatest money dairy animals and in the last monetary it recorded a sum of ₹14,504.67 crore and henceforth the devolution of IT into Bevco, would be a major alleviation for the state’s accounts.

Kerala Liquor Type Rules

  • Kerala Abkari Shops (Disposal) Rules 2002.
  • Foreign Liquor Rules.
  • The Kerala Liquor Transit Rule 1975.
  • The Kerala Foreign Liquor (Compounding, Blending and Bottling) Rules 1975.
  • Abkari Shops Departmental Management Rules 1972.
  • Kerala Rectified Spirits Rule 1972.
  • Kerala Winery Rules 1970
  • The Kerala Distillery & Warehouse Rules 1968.
  • The Kerala Spirituous Preparation Control Rules 1969.
  • The Brewery Rule 1967.
  • Cochin Denatured Spirit & Methyl Alcohol Rules 1965.
  • Varnish Rules 1965.
  • Foreign Liquor (Storage in Bond) Rules 1961.
  • Tree Tax Rules 1959.
  • Kerala Abkari (Disposal of Confiscated Articles) Rules
  • Medicinal and Toilet Preparation (Excise Duties) Rules 1956.
  • Kerala Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules 1985.
  • Neera Rules 2014
  • Kerala Foreign Liquor (Approval of Label) Rules 2018
  • Motor Vehicle Act (SRO NO.729/16)

Kerala Liquor Home Delivery

After Chhattisgarh, Punjab and West Bengal, a few significant states have chosen to stick to this same pattern and put designs moving to execute home conveyance of alcohol inside the following fourteen days. Kerala governments are arranging this move so as to keep up social separating and stay away from furor outside alcohol shops.

People are now waiting for Kerala Liquor Home Delivery Online process. Amrit Kiran, executive of International Spirits and Wines Association of India (ISWAI), told media, For a nation like India, which has the world’s second-biggest populace yet in addition the least number of outlets, home conveyance is the need of great importance to guarantee social separating.

In the outcome of the incomplete breakdown of peace in and around the liquor outlets in certain states, after it was as of late opened, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had to ask State Police Chief Loknath Behera to discover how best would security be able to be kept up on the off chance that the retail outlets open. So with that arrangement as of now close by, the specialists expect with a virtual deal convention set up, things can be overseen as it will be an aid for the two tipplers and the state’s accounts.

Kerala Liquor Online Delivery

The profile of liquor clients in the state in a prior investigation uncovers that around 32.9 lakh individuals out of the 3.34 crore populace in the state devour liquor, which incorporates 29.8 lakh men and 3.1 lakh ladies.

People are now get Kerala Bevco Online Liquor Purchase online soon. The State government will allow this process soon. Around five lakh individuals in Kerala, devour liquor regularly. Of this, around 83,851 individuals including 1043 ladies are dependent on liquor, as per state government insights.At any rate 7-8 states are relied upon to give the green sign in the following fourteen days.

Kerala Bevco Online Purchase Liquor on the official website. We hope that you will find the process. It ought to be noticed that ISWAI speaks to a string of alcohol organizations that sell around 80 percent everything being equal and wine in India. According to reports, the states anticipating beginning home conveyance administration incorporate Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala Liquor Online Delivery.

Maharashtra government has been confronting reaction from local people for permitting the offer of mixed refreshments in red zones. While Delhi government’s choice to force 70 percent ‘crown cess’ in the wake of humongous interest has exploded backward gravely.

Kerala Bevco Online Liquor Purchase

In Delhi, the administration has begun an etoken framework under which clients are given explicit time for buying liquor so that there is no infringement of social separating standards by individuals lining up outside state-run liquor stores.

Kerala Excise Department Helpline Number

Contact No: 0471 2335568/ 9400069400


Sri. S. Aananthakrishnan, IPS

Excise Commissioner,

Excise Department of Kerala,



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