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Karnataka Mathrupoorna Scheme 2020 Application Form dwcd.kar.nic.in, Mathru Poorna Scheme, Mathru Purna Yojana Karnataka:- Helllo Everyone. Today we are here to Discuses about the Karnataka Government Scheme. This is Known as Karnataka Mathrupoorna Scheme. In this Post we are discussing in details about this yojana. This scheme aims at providing one full HCM, with IFA tablets, alongside weight monitoring and counselling for issues such as postpartum depression and early childcare. The scheme was launched between February and March 2017 and has been piloted in four blocks: H.D. Kote (Mysore district), Jamkhandi (Bagalkot district), Madhugiri (Tumkur district) and Manvi (Raichur district). Karnataka has announced that one welfare scheme named the Mathrupoorna Scheme across the state via the Anganwadi centres. In most of the rural areas, women who are poor are mostly affected to malnutrition which directly affects the health of the child. To have a permanent solution to this problem, the Karnataka Government has introduced this scheme. The motto behind the Mathrupoorna Scheme 2020 is to provide nutritious meal for at least once a day to the poor women who are lactating mothers or are pregnant.

Karnataka Mathrupoorna Scheme 2020

These are the two phases where the women need special care and nutritional needs. Without proper diet, there are chances of several diseases that may cripple the normal growth of the child. According to the desired food preference of the beneficiaries, the free meals will be selected and distributed through the local Anganwadi centers. The Karnataka Mathrupoorna Scheme will also aim to bring down the infant mortality rate in the state by checking on the problems of child mal nutrition. During 2017-18 budget, the State government extended the scheme of Matru Poorna Scheme to all 30 districts and allocated a budget of Rs 302 crore effective July 2017.

Karnataka Mathrupoorna Scheme 2020

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had announced the scheme during the Independence Day speech in 2016, the scheme is being taken up in the State. The free meals will take into consideration each beneficiary food preference. Local anganwadis will have the freedom to alter the diet in case the stipulated items arent easily available in the region the director said.

Important Points of Mathrupoorna Scheme

  1. To improve the nutrient intake of pregnant women through spot feeding by providing One Full Meal in order to reduce the incidence of low birth babies and undernutrition among women & children.
  2. Enhance the quality and acceptability of supplementary nutrition by the Pregnant and Lactating women
  3. Bridge the gap between the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) and the Average Daily Intake (ADI) of pregnant and lactating women
  4. Ensure early registration of pregnancy & improve the enrolment of mothers at Anganwadi Centers (AWCs).
  5. Ensure Pregnant and Lactating women consume 100+ IFA tablets, Calcium tablets, deworming in 2nd trimester and receive health check-ups and immunization.
  6. Reduce prevalence of anaemia among pregnant women
  7. Reduce the incidence of IMR, MMR, low birth babies and malnutrition

The study showed that the programme has had mixed results, with better uptake in Jamkhandi, compared to H.D. Kote, though these observed trends need to be considered tentative given that the scheme has barely begun. It was also observed that the proportion of lactating women attending the programme was far smaller compared to the number of pregnant women.

Menu Under Mathrupoorna Yojana with Nutrition Value

Sl. No.ItemNutritive Value
Energy (kcal)Protein (g)Calcium (mg)
2Dal (Toor Dal)104.47.2522.50
7Peanut Chikki1504

The one full meal consists of Rice, Dal with leafy Vegetables/sambar, vegetables for a minimum of 25 days, boiled Egg and 200ml. milk for 25 days in a month and chikke. The one full meal will meet 40-45% of the daily calorie, protein and calcium requirement per day of the pregnant and lactating mothers. Along with the meal, Iron Folic Acid tablet will be administered & gestational weight monitoring will be ensured for pregnant women.

Eligibility Conditions

  1. Karnataka Mathrupoorna Scheme aims to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant and lactating women in rural areas.
  2. Pregnant and lactating poor women in rural areas will get one nutritious meal daily for 25 days in a month.
  3. Full meal, consisting of rice, dal with vegetables/sambar, one boiled egg and 200ml of milk, will be given to pregnant women. 
  4. Those who don’t eat eggs would be given two varieties of sprouts.
  5. Iron Folic Acid (IFA) tablets will be administered and gestational weight monitoring will be ensured for pregnant women.
  6. The scheme has been scaled up in all the districts of the State
  7. 12 lakh pregnant women and lactating mother, and Anganwadi assistants and helpers will be benefited.
  8. Each meal is estimated to cost around Rs. 20. 
  9. The food will be provided for 15 months, from the start of pregnancy up to six months after delivery.

Mathrupoorna Scheme Application Form

The budget is kept in mind viewing that the Anganwadi workers will also be able to change the list of the items mentioned in it.

The budget was allocated effectively in July 2017 for the implementation of Karnataka Mathrupoorna Scheme.

As per the list that is prepared, the scheme will be able to cover about 40% of the nutrition of the mothers per day.

This means that it will partly cover the deficiency of protein, calcium and so on.

The health index of the mothers of Karnataka is very poor and hence it is a very welcome step.

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