Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway Online Booking – Buy Cable Car Ticket, Price, Timing

How to Buy Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway Online Booking, Ticket Price 2022, Cable Car Ride Timing for Phase 1, 2, and 3, Contact Number.

Gulmarg Gondola is operated under the Jammu and Kashmir cable car Corporation. This cable car’s operation started at 8:30. Tourist advised two came back before 5 p.m. The evening. This is Asia’s largest and highest cable car ride which you can enjoy in Gulmarg. Gulmarg is one of the biggest tourist attractions in India located in Jammu and Kashmir. This area is covered with white snow at the time of winter and at the start of the summer season.

Today’s from all over India as well as out of India visit Kashmir to view the beauty. If you are interested in the Gulmarg cable car ride, then you have to book it online. The process of Gulmarg Gondola online ticket booking is available on the Jammu and Kashmir cable car Corporation’s official website. The complete process step by step is explained in this article already.

Jammu and Kashmir started the Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway Ticket Booking Online for tourists. Every year so many tourists come to the state so by providing the facility to the tourist of Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway and with that, they are views so many beautiful places from the Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway. Today we are sharing with you the details about the Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway Ticket Booking Online 2022. Interested peoples book their tickets on the official website. In this article, you can know about the booking process and their ticket price, etc. So for details read the article carefully.

Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway Online Booking

Gulmarg Gondola is a kind of Ropeway or cable car, which is launched by the J & K government and Pomagalsky French Institute. The main motive to start the Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway Ticket Booking Online is to motivate the tourist of coming to the state. As we know that JK is a very beautiful place in the country so many people come to look for their beauty. With the help of the Gulmarg gondola visitors can view so many places around Kashmir.

Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway Online Booking
Place NameGulmarg Gondola Online Booking
StateJammu and Kashmir (UT)
Corporation NameJammu & Kashmir Cable Car Corporation
Timing8.30 AM to 5 PM

Gulmarg gondola Ropeway is one of the second largest and highest cable car projects all over the world. The project on the Gulmarg Gondola is first started and finished in 1998 and in the second stage, this project was completed with 36 cabins and 18 towers. The second stage of this project is complete within two years.

The state government starts the services of the Gulmarg gondola on 28th May 2005 for the visitors. Now state government starts the online booking for visitors. People who want to come to the J&K book the Gulmarg Gondola on the official website and enjoy their trip.

Gulmarg Gondola Cable Car Ride Ticket Booking

Through online booking, people save their time by standing in the queue. The validity of the ticket for the gondola is for the 3 hours of time duration. According to the rules visitors who are visiting the gondola at 3 pm then ticket validity only for the 2 hours. Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway is closed at 5 pm. Every day.

About Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway

As we know that Gulmarg is a beautiful place with too much snow. Peoples visit there to see the snow view on the beautiful mountain. The Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway is a flat bottomed rowing boat that tourists are enjoyed. With the help of this Gulmarg, Gondola tourists swathe a beautiful view of the high and down the mountain. 

The ride of Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway is divided into two categories in which there are 600 people carrying in one hour and at one time there are 6 people are getting together in the one ride. The place from Gulmarg to kongdoori and from Kongdoori to Apharwat Peak.

To make your tour more adventure and more memorable book your ticket for Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway Online.

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Stages of Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway

To make your trip more excited with the Gulmarg Gondola you can reach the starting point of the Gulmarg Gondola which is 20 minutes far from the Gulmarg. For visiting the starting point you can hire a taxi and also by walking. There are three stage3s of the Gulmarg Gondola ropeway:-

Stage 1Gulmarg to Kongdoori:- This ride the 9 minutes from the Gulmarg Resort to Kongdoori station.
Stage 2Kongdoori to Apharwat Peak:- This ride the 12 minutes.
Stage 3Kongdoori to Mary Shoulder:- In this ride, you can take the 11 minutes which is for the chairlift that is used for the visit from one place to another.

Visiting Timing for Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway

Opening time10:00 am
Closing time5:00 pm
Ticket counter time9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway Ticket Price

Stage 1 entry price for Adults and childrenRs. 400.
Price for children below 3 yearsFree of cost
Stage 2  for adults and childrenRs. 600
For the children below from 3 yearsFree of the cost chair lift
For the children who are above than 10 yearsRs. 300
Duration of time for visiting1 or 2 hours
VentureSkiing and trekking

Things Do In Gulmarg Gondola Ropeway

Gulmarg is a very beautiful place. In Gulmarg, so many mountains are around full of snow.

PlaceTimingEntrance Price
Apharwat Peak:-  this peak is very beautiful and attracts visitors. The distance from the sea of this peak is 4200 m. this peak is full of snow. It is very close form the LOC. If the visitors visit at their peak then it is dependent upon the current climate.9:00 am to 7:00 p.m.Free of cost
Baba Reshi Shrine:- This place is famous for the Muslim saint Baba Reshi. He spent so many days there for the mediation and to worship their God. This temple is made by the old Kashmir Architecture in which lattice windows, deodar pillars are around the temple and other beautiful arts by hand made.  
Gulmarg Golf Course:- This place is famous for its golf point. This place is the largest 18 –Hole golf course in India.8:30 to 10:00 p.m.For Indians Rs. 800. For the foreigner’s Rs. 1200/-
Mary Church:- This church is famous for its works on the church. It is made with a Green roof with gray stone walls and wooden work. In 2003 this church is renovated after 14 years Christmas was celebrated there.10:00 am. To 5:00 p.m.Free of cost
Seven Springs:- so many water resources are seen there by the visitors. In the Seven Spring, you can enjoy the royal indication of Srinagar and Gulmarg.  
Single Nallah:- This place is famous for the water stream from the ice valley of Apharwat Peak and Alpather lake. It is the mountain stream that is merging into the Jhelum river.9:00 am  to 7:00 pm 
Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve:- It is called the home of the species like fauna, flora, and avifauna. This spice is very rare in the world. It is a park with so many wild animals and birds. So many people come to this park to enjoy the valley view and swathe different animals.10:00 am to 4:00 pm 

We hope the information on Gulmarg Gandola Rope Booking online, Ticket cost, and other details are helpful for you. In case you have a query or question related to booking, then you can share you issue in the comment section below.

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