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Get all details on Face Moving App Download For Android | face moving singing app with Music Face animation and Taking Photos App Apk Download

Hey guys. From few days you will see some animated photos in which there is face moving on face animation effects are highlighted very well. In these photos for animations there is a song which is play behind this screen and photo or picture sings that song automatically by moving their eyes, neck and lips. So this is very amazing and seems very interesting when you see first time. Today in this article we will tell you how this affects will be created and what are the basic requirements to create these types of face moving effects.

Sugar is this effects will be created with the help of some face moving apps. These applications are also known as face animation or we call it moving effect apps. After the installation of these apps you need to just upload any picture in which you want some animation.

Then select your animation and then your work is completed. A very well and interesting animation will be created with the help of these amazing applications. You can also download this application in your Android mobile phone and use this app free of cost.

Face Moving App Download For Android

In this post we will tell you the complete list of best face moving / face animation from photo apps which are very well working in Android devices. These applications are totally free and you can download these applications from Android Play Store.

Face Moving App With Music | Face Animation App Wombo, Avatarify, Mug Life, Anyface

We are here to to tell everyone, that’s there are 4 mots popular app, thats are mentioned in this article. Read this list and then tell us who is best and witch is your favorite one.

Wombo AI App

Guys in this row the first app we are mentioned is Wombo AI App. So guys this is an application which is basically create your photos into a amazing animation. The most amazing feature of this app is its lip synchronizing effect on photos which make it best from other apps. To use this app in a very well mannered then you need to upload a camera facing image of that respected person. After that you need to upload a picture and then select any song in which you want to place effects. Wait for a few seconds when the process will be completed.

wombo Face Moving App Download

Now we are also apply award some Wombo AI App creativity is in a video. You can download this app from Google Play Store. APK files are also available of this app in case of not installed directly from Play Store.

Avatarify App

Guys this is the second most popular app in case of face moving / face animation. With the help of Avatarify app you can create very well animated videos from one single image. The main disadvantage of this app that it is a iOS operating app. It means that it is only available for iPhone users. Its Android version is not available in Play Store. In some cases we see that its apk file is available on internet for Android users.

Avatarify app

For iPhone users, user need to add an image in which we want animation. The main effect is that it will place effect on your image with multiple types. This app is very well working in in babies photo and it create very interesting effects, when person picture is camera facing. To use its best effect you need to choose a photo which is front facing or camera facing.

Mug Life App :Face Moving NIL App

The third and most interesting app in this list is Mug Life App. It Is also a similar app like other multiple face animation effect apps. With the help of this application you can create multiple face moving effects. The best thing is that this app is available on Android play store and it is easy to download.

Mug Life App

This app is very easy to use and with the help of this app there are lots of options for face moving I’m moving and lips moving effects.

AnyFace App

The last but not the least face moving application is AnyFace App. It is also a face animation and talking photos effects app. This app is created by friendly Limited and it is listed in the entertainment category in Google Play Store. The main drawback of this app is it is not a free application. It is a paid application in which you need to take subscription of this app.

AnyFace App

You can download this app and use it for 3 free days. After 3 days you need to purchase the subscription of this app at a cost of $49 per month. So if you do not want to to purchase or invest in these apps then you can download the free versions of above applications. In case you like this App you and the features of this app is impressing, then you can purchase this app and use its pro version.

Face Changer Video by Scoompa

With the Help of Face Changer Video, you can create A video with taking feature. You just place Photo on this app, and then it will create Moving Object also. You can also use this app with Animal Objects, Body part that you can use with this app.

Face Changer Video by Scoompa

Photo That Talks

This is one for the other application witch is used for Fun. In this app you can use anyone phot, and make them say stupid things. This whole video you make for fun an show them just for Fun. Some time people feel irritating with these finds for stuff. So Beware to make these types of video with anyone.

Photo That Talks

Lipsmash (Make Photo Talk)

With The help of this app, you can duplicate your video and also Overlays it on any picture you want. This is very fast processing app, and it will take few seconds to make a New video. To use this application you just need to upload a Picture with you Lips Flat. Then the app will atomically detect that but you need to do some adjustments. This is app witch is use for fun purpose.

Lipsmash (Make Photo Talk)

Funny Movie Maker (FMM)

This is Little a Bit Different application for Face animation. With this application you ca use Movie Actor and Characters for make funny videos. With Funny Movie Maker you need to chose photo of any person, Celebrity’s or any big personality. Then you can use this and create a Great meme. You can also use this app with your pets also.

Funny Movie Maker (FMM)

Prankster Mouth Off

This s one for the Other Entertaining app Advisable In Google play store. In this app You can make you mouth with different creativities. After Installation for this application, You need to bring you phone in front of your month. Then select any mouth and then start speaking. It will react same gesture as you speak. In this app you can speak, Sing, laugh and make prank. In this app Lip Movement Generation. This is used specially for children’s to scare them in a Heathy way.. So if you find this app interesting, Then you can download this app form the below Link.

Prankster Mouth Off

Watch Video for Details.

So in this article we mention step by step what are the most creative and useful face moving / face animation and face talking photos application. We also mentioned all the details how to use this apps and how to install this app. With the help of this app you can create an amazing animation videos of your baby, wife, mother father or any other family member. You can also create these amazing animated face moving videos for your loved ones and send them with the help of WhatsApp or messenger.

Face Moving App Download links

Wombo AI App

Avatarify AI apk Download

Mug Life App

Anyface App

Funny Movie Maker (IOS Devices)

Lipsmash :Make Photo Talk (IOS Devices)

Photo Talk (Android Devices)

Face Changer Video (Android Devices)

Prankster Mouth Off App (Android)


What is face animation or face talking?

This is a process in which face of any individual in the form of photo is editing in such a manner that it will start moving from left to right ups and downs with some funny creative effects.

How can I create face moving effects on my existing photograph?

You can use this feature from various Android as well as iOS application. We listed all the free as well as paid applications list on our website.

Why this face animation apps are become so popular?

Animations which are created with the help of these applications are shared by people on various social media platforms. From there they become sensation overnight and now people are searching about these apps.

Is there any option to download face animation App free of cost?

Yes. There are many options, which we already mentioned in Our article already. You can use this free apps and create amazing stuff with their photos. In case you want to use advanced features then you have to buy the pro version of these apps. But the basic facts are free of cost.

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