DMK Membership ID Card Download 2023 Apply Online – Already Registered

DMK is also one of the oldest political parties. Party has a very good hold in Tamil Nadu state. In other states, this party has not had much effect. So DMK is known as a Regional party that came into power and always make an alliance with the central government. If you want to Join DMK Membership, then the complete processes are explained in this article.

DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) is a political party belonging to Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Recently DMK political party launched its official website so people to get membership in this party. As we all know that Covid-19 is not coming to an end so in this situation party has come up with an idea to promote their party amongst the young generation of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry as well.

And this is a necessary step in this pandemic when everyone is liking to do their job from home for safety reasons. So the main theme of this party is that if you also believe in equality in every field and self-respect and secularism then you can join the DMK party anytime and the party will welcome all its members with an open heart.

People who will join DMK online will get benefits as per other Regular party members. If the newly joined people will add more they can participate in the next elections for a vote.

Join DMK Membership Card

If you want to join DMK Then there is an option available on their website. For DMK Membership Registration you can follow the procedure already given. Then Give you basic details and Upload Some documents. Then Download your Membership ID Card. DMK party launched its official website during the birth ceremony of CN Annadurai.

After launching this website around 35,000 people joined in one day. Now the party has around 49 lacs, members, on its official website after 245 days of launch. There is a war between BJP and DMK against each other. This party mainly belongs to Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry and it has an alliance with UPA in Tamil Nadu.

The aim of this party is to connect more and more people with the DMK party on a website. They are also getting success to connect people with them. The main objective of the DMK party is to provide equality to people in every sense and also they want to improve the living standard of the people of the state. DMK party’s main motive is that there should be no comparison between people on the name of Religion and cast etc. In this article you will get to know, all the eligibility criteria to become a member and the procedure to get registered for taking membership in the Party.

Eligibility Criteria for Joining DMK

So by following the eligibility criteria given below; you can become a member of the DMK party. The party always ant loyal and hardworking members who work for their party. So the party has some rules and regulations for people who want to join this party. The complete list of eligibility is given in this section below.

The candidate should belong to Tamil Nadu or Pondicherry.

The age of the member should be 18 years old and he/she has to submit his/her age proof for that.

You can take its membership for free, you do not have any need to pay any amount for it.

Five Rules of the DMK Ellorum Nammudan

As the heading of the article is telling that the party has five rules on which this party is working and these five rules are ;

  • C N Annadurai is the founder of the DMK party in Tamil Nadu and was a great politician so the first rule of the party is that this party will follow Annadurai’s footsteps in politics.
  • This party will believe in equality and believes that all are equal and they have equal rights and opportunities in society.
  • The party has always opposed the imposition of the Hindi language on the people because the official language of Tamil Nadu is Tamil and around 10 percent of people speak Telugu and Malayalam etc.
  • Party ensures people that they will overcome the poverty of the state very soon.
  • Right of self-government in state and Center by the alliance.

DMK Membership Card Apply Online / Registration

So you can become a member of the DMK party on the website by following some very simple steps which will be told by us in our article below ;

  • So first of all please go to the Google search box and type DMK Registration and on the very first google home page you will get the link to the official website or you can click here to get registered for the membership
DMK Membership Apply Online
  • Now after clicking on this link you will get the home page of the website.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on OTP, after that fill OTP in the given place and you will Membership Registration form.
  • Now fill in all your personal details such as Name, Father’s Name, Age, Gender, Aadhaar Number, Address Details, State, District, Pin Number, Mobile Number, Email address, and all asking details in the Registration form.
  • Now upload your passport size picture and other required documents.
  • After accepting all terms and conditions click on submit button.
  • After submitting the form you will be successfully registered for membership in the DMK party.
  • Now a DMK membership ID Card is Appear on your Screen.
  • You can download this DMK ID Card to your device.
DMK Membership Card Download

After all this online procedure you can download your membership card. You have to visit on the official website and log in with your registered mobile number or user id and password and find the link to the DMK Membership Card and click on this link and download the pdf version of the card. After downloading you can take the printout of the membership card. Do not pay any Registration fee to get a membership card.

Important Links

Registration LinkCheck Here
DMK Official Web PortalCheck Here

DMK Membership Card Edit

In case you want to edit or change the details of the DMK Membership Card, Then follow the Procedure.

  • Visit the official website Again of DMK.
  • Log in with your contact number and then click on the OTP button.
  • Enter OTP into the website and you will be reached to your account.
  • Here you can edit this information.
  • After editing, You can update the details.
  • Watch Video in Tamil in case you want to read it in Tamil


What is the Helpline Number of the DMK Party?

If you want to know something about the DMK party’s membership card you can also call on 9073090730 and take any information regarding the membership card this number is launched for the help of people in a pandemic.

What are the Age Criteria to become a member of the DMK party?

The candidate should complete his/her 18 years of age before applying for membership.

What is Basic Requirement for Join DMK Party?

You can Join DMK Online With your Mobile Number. After verifying OTP You have to fill in some basic details. Then you Can download a Membership Card.

We hope this would be helpful for all of you. You can also visit the official website and see the whole procedure in the Tamil Language for a better understanding. In case you face any difficulty Join DMK Membership Online, Then you can like us in the comment section below.

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