Diksha Portal Registration 2020 For Teacher/Students |App Download| Courses List

Diksha Portal Registration 2020, diksha portal for teachers, diksha app login online www.diksha.gov.in, diksha course List, i got diksha registration, diksha app registration link, diksha portal registration for students:- This lockdown has affected many businesses and mainly education. Stay at Home is the only medicine to save lives and Study at Home is the only option to keep alive the education in every student.

Today we have come up with a new concept called Study At Home through Diksha Portal In this article we are covering Diksha Portal Registration for teachers and students. Due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, our Honble. Prime minister has taken the call to lock down the whole country to control the coronavirus spread. In this hard times allowing students out on studies is not at all a safe decision so the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in association with the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has started an initiative in the area of digital learning, called, DIKSHA.

Diksha Portal Registration 2020 For Teacher & Students | App Download | Courses List

The main objective of this Diksha e learning portal is to assist teachers and the students to maintain their studies normally but in a different mode of learning. DIKSHA Portal for teachers this is developed with priority to bring teachers under one roof (National Digital Infrastructure for Teachers) and offer them a digital Infrastructure so that they can share their knowledge and students can get benefits of that.

Diksha Portal Registration

To check more detail log on to https://diksha.gov.in/ or https://diksha.gov.in/.The full form of Diksha is Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing. The name itself indicates the Diksha Program’s core idea is to enlighten the students by integrating the knowledge from different sources and keeping it under one umbrella. The Diksha Portal is an open-source digital platform that enables teachers to share the knowledge and acquire knowledge.

Diksha Portal App Download

  1. From Google Play store search DIKSHA NCTE.
  2. Click on Install.
  3. After the app is installed open the app.
  4. To use the app at its best, tap Enable to offer access to the following data.
  5. Photographs, newspapers, and files.
  6. Link to Audio recording.
  7. Shoot pictures and record videos.
  8. Tap State in the drop-down list to pick a state.
  9. Tap District to pick a district from the list below.
  10. Tap submit to indicate your location.

Recently, more than 2 lakh teachers, associated with DIKSHA Portal, prepared a Question Bank (Prashan Bank) of 6000 questions for students. This Question Bank has deep explanation of almost all tough question which are generally asked in competitive exams. Students can search their question in Question Bank on DIKSHA Portal and explore the best illustration of problem.

diksha portal registration for students

  1. To do Diksha Portal registration for students you need to follow the steps witch is given below.
  2. Go to the link:- https://diksha.gov.in/play/content/do_3130464791478026241695
  3. Select your Location and Submit
  4. Your location details help us to suggest content that is useful to you. Is the location given correct? if not, select your correct location and click Submit
  5. Competition poster will open. Click on the arrow continuously which is available at the right side of the poster for application form
  6. Fill the form and
  7. Take your quiz

diksha portal for teachers registration

  1. TO Do the Diksha Portal for Teachers Registration process, Flow the steps.
  2. Sign up and sign in on DIKSHA.
  3. Click Profile tab on the header 
  4. Depending on your organisation, you may already see some information available.
  5. Add or edit the following details:
  6. Experience: Add your occupation details such as work title, organization name, joining date, etc. 
  7. Address: Add your permanent and current address
  8. Education: Add your academic qualifications, such as degree, year of passing, board/university, etc.
  9. Additional Information: Add personal information such as email, Aadhar number, mobile number, languages known, etc.

Diksha portal course list

TO See the Courses List, You need to visit the official website of DIKSHA Portal.

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