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Hello everyone. Today in this article you will give you a brief information about curfew pass which is now available in all the states of India. As you know that coronavirus is spreading all over the world as well as India. But as compare to other countries the condition of Corona virus spreading is very less. Initially it is started from China and then it spread all over the world like Italy, USA, England, India, Britain and so on. These are the countries in which use number of patients are recognized with Corona virus positive. So as safety purpose indian government lockdown all over India for next 21 days. It is started from 23rd of March and it will continue till 14 of April 2020.

Curfew Pass Online Delhi

In lockdown the essential services will be continue in this curfew. So the people who are concerned with the essential services they will get a curfew pass which is also known as e pass. This pass is sanctioned by the Delhi government and DCP of respected areas. Anyone who is related to any essential service for anyone who need any type of medical emergency he need to apply for Delhi curfew PASS online. In this article we will completely discuss about the process step by step how you can apply for this Delhi e pass in curfew.

Delhi is the main capital of India. And most of the businesses are Run from Delhi Gurgaon and Noida. As well as people those work in Delhi Delhi in gurugram, ghaziabad, faridabad and Noida. They are stuck in their home. Delhi government also allow curfew pass for the company employees if they have urgent work in their company. Because most of the companies are work from there are officers and their Customer services are also shutdown due to Corona virus lockdown.

To provide their services, some company officials and important employees need to visit the company. But most of the employees of different companies are worK from home. So back to the topic that how you will get Epass in Delhi. This Epass will be issued by the respected person from the office of District Magistrate. You can apply online for my WhatsApp, with your authorized mobile number of the district magistrate. You can also do this process wire official website.

Curfew Pass Application Form on Jantasamvas Portal

  • There are many ways to apply online, to get the facility of delhi e pass. The process are given below.
  • You need to visit the official portal of janata samvad which is started by Delhi government.
  • Official Website is :- https://epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/relief/english/.
Curfew Pass
  • When you reach on the official website you will see an Delhi sarkar logo on this website.
  • Now in front of your see you see what do you need help with? Option.
  • When you click on it a dropdown will be show on front of your screen in which following different services they allow.
  1. Food required.
  2. Ration required.
  3. Rupees 5000 compensation for construction worker.
  4. Pension amount.
  5. E Pass for travel during curfew.
  • There are different services in which you need to choose the last option that is E pass for travel during curfew. Then click on the submit button.
  • Application form is open on your computer screen in which you need to give following details.
Curfew Pass Delhi Online
  1. Your contact number.
  2. Applicant name.
  3. Address of the place you want to go.
  4. Which type of service you are concerned with.
  5. From date to till date is required.
  6. Time Period in which you travel.
  7. District name.
  • Now iD proof like Aadhar card, voter card, any other identity proof is required to upload.
  • Then upload any other document like visiting card, shop card or business licence.
  • Then click on the submit button and your process is completed.

Delhi curfew pass / E Pass via WhatsApp or email

  • If you want to take a Delhi pass via WhatsApp , then you need to upload some documents and some details.
  • In the WhatsApp you need to give some details like your name,, address, place of engagement, essential services detail and your purpose, time, Period of Epass.
  • After give this all details you need to upload any identity proof and vehicle detail.
  • These are the Whatsapp numbers which are issuing curfew pass / Epass in Delhi
East district numbers are are – 8447200084 and 8375878007
North East District Numbers are:- 9540895489 and 8860425666
Central District Number:- 7428336279 and 7428210711
New Delhi District Number:- 9540675392 and 9873743727
South East District Numbers:- 8595246396 and 8595258871
West District Numbers:- 9414320064 / 8595252581
South District numbers:- 9599649266 and 9643150027
South West District numbers:- 9971518387 and 9971526953
North West District numbers: 8595559117 and 8595543375

Delhi E PASS Via Email

  • To Apply via E mail Address, you need to email on ddma.delhi@nic.in.
  • After That they will review your application and then further process will be proceed.
  • If your Requires ill be accepted, then you will get a Delhi E PASS (Curfew Pass).
  • Delhi Government will send you this Pass via Whatsapp or via Email. This pass Will be valid till the Curfew / Lockdown period is on.
  • We hope that this information is useful for you. In case you have any question, Then ask in comments Below.

epass Delhi status check online

To Check the Status of your epass, No Need to visit any where.

The EPASS Status of Delhi will be available on your mobile number via whatsapp message or message.

In some cases this pass will be issued via email confirmation.

Whats is Delhi Curfew Pass (E Pass)?

This is Pass issue by Delhi government to the citizen of Delhi who are connect with essential services. With the help of this pass you can visit in Delhi to provide you series to Public.

How to Apply for Delhi epass?

You can apply for E Pass Via Online mode. The official website and Whatsapp Number are available to apply.

Can i Get This Delhi e pass Via Email?

Yes. You can send a Application to ddma.delhi@nic.in Eamil Id. When your application is accepted, Then e pass will be issue.

How To Check Curfew Pass Delhi Status Online?

The Status is not available on any website. When you apply for A new Curfew Pass, Then you application will be reached to Officials. Of you application will be accepted, Then you will get a Message on you register number or Email ID. So form There you can download this Curfew Pass Delhi Online.

Whats is The Difference Between Curfew Pass and E PASS?

There is No difference Between them. In some cases it is know as e Pass Delhi and Some cases it is know as Curfew Pass Delhi. So no Need to confuse between these two names.

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