BTS Concert India Ticket Price 2024, Date & Time, Venue / Location

Get details on BTS Concert India 2024 Ticket Price in the Front row and VIP seats, Date, Place, and Time Details in Biggest Stadium in India Ahmedabad Gujarat.

BTS Is going to perform in India soon. If you want to attend this concert, then this news will be very helpful for you. The BTS concert ticket price in India’s front row is also mentioned in this article. The complete information related to the venue, ticket price, and ticket booking details are given in this post.

BTS is a South Korean Boy Band formed in 2010. They started their career in 2013 under big hit entertainment. This pan is also known as Bangtan Boys, Beyond the Scene, and Bulletproof Boy Scouts. After their debut, they got hugely popular all over the world. Active members of this band are Jin, Suga, V, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, and Jimin.

BTS Concert India

Recently BTS announce their world tour. So on this world tour, they are going to perform in different countries. According to the news, they are going to perform in 10 Asian countries, 11 venues in the US, 3 venues in Canada, 2 Venues in Latin America and Australia, and 8 venues in Europe.

BTS Concert India Ticket Price

Out of 10 Asian countries, India is one of the countries in which BTS is going to perform. So if you are a fan of BTS and its music, then you can participate in the concert. This concert will be organized in Ahmedabad Gujarat state. The official venue will be reviewed soon.

BTS Concert India 2024

In this post, we are providing information on BTS Concert India 2024 Tickets Price, Concert date, Place, and Time. Get complete information in this article. We also share information on BTS concert India ticket prices in India front row in rupees, and VIP Ticket prices.

Ticket demand is always high for BTS Show all over the world. In India, BTS has a huge fan following and youth want to see them. They also love their music. If you want to attend their show in India. this is a golden opportunity for you. For that, the BTS Concert tickets price is also mentioned on our website.

BTS Concert India Ticket Price

साउथ कोरिया का मशहूर पॉप बैंड बीटीएस बैंड, जो कि पूरे विश्व में सबसे मशहूर बैंड में से एक है, जल्द ही भारत में परफॉर्म करने जा रहा है. भारत में बीटीएस की एक बहुत बड़ी फैन फॉलोइंग है, जो कि उन्हें देखने के लिए बहुत लंबे समय से इंतजार कर रही है. बीटीएस बॉयज जल्द ही भारत में शो करने जा रहे हैं जिसके लिए ऑनलाइन टिकट जल्द ही उपलब्ध होंगी. भारत के इलावा बीटीएस ऑस्ट्रेलिया, लैटिन अमेरिका, यूनाइटेड स्टेट ऑफ अमेरिका, एशिया, यूरोप एवं कैनेडा में भी परफॉर्म करेंगे.

भारत में बीटीएस का कॉन्सर्ट अहमदाबाद सिटी में करवाया जाएगा. बीटीएस कंसर्ट के लिए टिकट लगभग ₹18000 हो गई. इसके अलावा अगर आप बीटीएस को फ्रंट रो से देखना चाहते हैं तो इसके लिए आपको 5 लाख ₹85000 तक खर्च करने पड़ सकते हैं. अगर आप बीबीटीएस के कंसर्ट में जाना चाहते हैं, इसके लिए आप बीटीएस भारत कंसर्ट की टिकट प्राइस एवं टिकट बुकिंग की जानकारी इस पोस्ट से जान सकते हैं.

BTS Concert India

Gujrat is one of the developed states in India in which the BTS Concert India will be organized. BTS Going to start their World tour, in which they will perform in India also. The show will be organized and all the formalities will be completed soon. Fans of BTS will attend this show. This group has a huge fan following in India and most youngsters love their music.

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The ticket price is a little bit high according to India, but this band performance is worth of ticket price. If you are interested, in this live concert, you can buy your advance tickets. 100% chance, this show will be sold out in advance.

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BTS World Tour 2024

Event nameBTS World Tour 2024
Type of concertMusic Concert
Venue of World Tour10 locations in Asia (including India)
8 places in Europe
11 venues in the US
3 places in Canada
2 places in Latin America and Australia.
Upcoming concerts of BTSMarch 10 Seoul Korea, Olympic stadium
March 12th Seoul Korea
13th March Seoul Korea
8 April 2022 – las Vegas (USA)
9th of April las Vegas USA
15th April las Vegas USA
16th of April Las Vegas.
BTS MembersJin
BTS tour India Expected DatesJuly 2024

BTS Concert India Ticket Price

BTS is going to perform in Ahmedabad Gujarat and friends of BTS waiting for the online tickets. People are searching for ticket prices and if you are a fan of BTS, then you should know the ticket price.

BTS Concert India Date and Place

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BTS Ticket Price List

  • The BTS Concert in India 2024 will take place soon.
  • According to recent information, the BTS India Tour might begin in December.
  • The price of BTS concert tickets in India vary from Rs 1000/- to Rs 50,000/-.
  • Tickets may be purchased through a variety of online platforms.
  • BTS will play at the India Concert in Mumbai.
Regular Floor Seats350$
P2 Seats (After Floor)350$
P3 (2nd Floor)300$
SEC 324265$
SEC 515155$

A normal BTS live event ticket will cost 242$ is approximately Indian 18,500 rupees. In case you want a premium ticket then it will cost approximately 7875$ Indian 60,0000 rupees approximately. The price of tickets may vary and they may be increased or decreased independently by phoning the organizer.

BTS Concert India Date and Place

In India, BTS is going to perform in Ahmedabad Gujarat. The exact place in which they are going to perform will be revealed soon by the organizers in India. The official date of the BTS concert in India is also revealed soon. According to news, the Hybe label that handles BTS announced the date and Time for the Ahmedabad Gujarat show. But the official announcement will be released soon.

BTS Concert India Time

BTS fans are waiting for a long time to see their favorite superstars performing live in front of them. In this concert, you will see Jin, Suga, V, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, and Jimin performing live in front of you. So we request you to book your tickets as soon as possible because they will be sold out soon.

How to Book Tickets for the BTS India Concert?

When you know that BTS is going to perform in India, this is very exciting for all the BTS fans and BTS Army. People who love their performance can book tickets online for their BTS world tour in 2024. The expected month of the BTS tour in India is July. The official date of the concert in India will be released soon. You can follow us on social media so we will inform you when the date, will be announced.

BTS was performed in India in 2020, but due to the covid-19 pandemic, all the live events and shows were suspended. Due to that BTS also postpone their world tour. Now that the covid-19 situation is under control, BTS announce their world tour. They are going to perform in 10 Asian countries locations including India in the upcoming month. Most of the chances are that the BTS show will be organized in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

BTS एक म्यूजिक बैंड है जिसे पूरे विश्व में हर कोई जानता है मुख्य रूप से युवा. बीटीएस एक साउथ कोरिया का बैंड है जिसमें की केवल युवा लड़के हैं. इस बैंड की लोकप्रियता यहां से देखी जा सकती है कि यह बेड पूरे विश्व में अपने लाइव शोस करता है तथा इनके हर शो हाउसफुल होता है. खबरों के अनुसार BTS जल्द ही भारत में भी आने वाला है जिसके लिए कि भारतीय युवा मैं उत्साह देखा जा सकता है. हालांकि इसके लिए अभी कोई भी आधिकारिक जानकारी बीटीएस या उसकी टीम की तरफ से नहीं दी गई है, लेकिन यह माना जा रहा है कि बीटीएस ग्रुप 2024 में भारत में आने वाला है. इस पोस्ट में हम आपको आने वाले वीडियोस के कॉन्सर्ट जो कि भारत में होंगे जिसके लिए कि अहमदाबाद को चुना गया है उसकी जानकारी हम आपको इस पोस्ट में देंगे.

BTS Tour India Concert Ticket Booking

Fans must use an internet platform to get tickets for the BTS Tour India Concert. Through the website of BTS’s event partner, the fans may purchase tickets:-

  1. Meet the BTS India Tour’s ticketing partner.
  2. Click the Buy Ticket Online button to continue.
  3. On the following page, select BTS India Tour.
  4. Choose the day that you wish to attend the concert.
  5. Select the amount of tickets, then continue.
  6. Pay the sum in full to obtain your BTS India concert ticket.
  7. Here’s how to get tickets for the BTS World Tour in 2024.

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