Belift Lab Audition 2023 Global Girls Group Registration | Last Date

Korena Talent Hunt Company Belift Lab Audition 2023 Global Girls Group Registration | Last Date, Eligibility Criteria, Age Required, and Audition Categories.

Belift Lab recently starts its auditions for the new upcoming talent. Belift Lab Global Audition registration is started on their official website. Today we’re talking about Belift Lab auditions for Indians. If you want to apply for auditions then you have to visit the official website of the company and complete your registration.

Initially, we will give you an introduction to Belift Lab. Friends Belift Lab is a South Korean Media company. This company e is is founded as a joint venture between HYBE entertainment and CJ ENM and launched groups like ENHYPEN. The main aim of this company is to create the goals of 12 p ideal groups that will be targeting the Global market.

Belift Lab Audition 2023

This is a very good chance for everyone who wants to take part in Belift Lab Global Audition. The auditions are running now and you can give an audition online. The complete online audition process is explained in this article. Global auditions are for everyone and Indians can also do registration for this show.

This is a joint venture of CJENM and HYBE. If you want to make your career in the entertainment industry then this is the big platform for you. Initially, you have a clear Belift Lab Audition. The audition process will be completed in three steps. Regarding these three steps, information will be given below.

Audition Steps For Belift

First Audition:- in the first round of audition the application that you submitted to company BeLift Lab Company, will review by the team

Second Edition:- when any participant clears the first round then the second round will be started. In this Step Closer audition will be conducted.

Third And Final Audition:- this is the last step of addition. Applicants who pass the third step their name will be announced finally.

Training Contract:- if your name is on the final list then you have to sign a training contract with the company.

Eligibility Criteria for Participants

  • This show is especially for female participants.
  • Any female who was born between 2000 to 2008 can apply for Belift lab auditions.
  • Anyone who belongs to any country or region can apply for an audition.
  • You can select any one category from singing (Vocal), Rap, or dance.

Application Period

  • To apply online for the show you can apply every first day of the month to the 15th at midnight.
  • Applications from the 16th to the last day of the month will not be considered and not be reviewed.

Belift Lab Global Audition For Girls

If you want to apply online then there are two options are available. In the first hour of action apply for an audition if you belong to Korea.

Belift Lab Audition 2021
  • In case you want to apply International then choose the second option.
Belift Lab Global Audition 2021 2
  • In this post, we are discussing apply an audition for an international.
  • When you click on this option one Google Form is open in front of your screen.
  • If you have already login into your Google account.
  • In the initial step of the form, they will ask you one question if you are a Korean then please return to the homepage and complete the application form for Korean nationals.
Belift Lab Audition 3
  • If you apply from India then choose option yes and then click on the Next button.
  • On the next page, you will see the consent of the applicant. If you agree with the above subject in the application then choose the yes button and then click on next.
  • Now give your age information.
  • In this section, they are asking if are you over 14 years old.
  • Choose your answer yes or no and then click on the Next button.
  • The next part is done you agree to the collection of your personal information.
  • Choose yes and then click on the Next button.
  • The next part is to provide your basic additional information.
  • In the first section choose your category from vocal, dance, or Rap.
  • In the next section enter your name, country or Region, and gender (Female).
  • Males are not applied for this edition.
  • Now enter your email address, date of birth, address, contact number, and height.
  • Now uploads your photograph. Your photo should be taken from the front and it should be clear without any retouching editing.
  • In case you want to upload your video then upload it on YouTube and then give your video URL.
  • In the next part give your social media ID like Facebook, Instagram, Line, or Kakao Talk ID.
  • The next part is this information above you is accurate. Choose the button Yes and then click on the Next button.
  • So finally, your process of addition is completed. In case of any questions or queries, you can ask us in the comment section below.


When will the Belift Lab Audition be held?

The location of your audition will be notified separately to the applicant. Notification will be sent to those applicants who will be selected for the first round.

Can I apply again in case I failed the first audition?

Yes, you can apply again.

After application can I change or Update my audition Form?

Once your application is submitted, then you cannot change or update your application.

When does the Belift Lab Audition result come out?

If any participant passes the first audition, then the results will be sent individually. In case you are not selected, then the team will not contact you.

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