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Search Arunodoi Scheme Beneficiary List, Orunodoi Scheme Assam List, Arunodoi DBT Scheme 2020, Arunodoi Scheme Payment Status, Arunodoi 830 Rs Finical Support Scheme:- Hello Friends Today we are here to discuses Assam Government New Scheme Arunodoi Scheme Assam. In this Post we will tell you how you can check the Beneficiary List of Arunodoi Scheme and Also find the Status of this scheme. Govt of Assam has announced the largest scheme which will cover 17 Lakh families in the state and they will get Rs. 830/month directly on their bank account.

Arunodoi Scheme Beneficiary List

Orunodoi scheme will take effect from 2nd Oct 2020 for the women of the state. Mainly the scheme has prioritized for the Widow/ Divorced/ Unmarries/ Separated Female. The aim is to provide Rs. 10,000 for a year to get better Medical & Nutritional support for the families. The beneficiaries of this scheme will be only women, Assam’s Finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said. The process of selection of beneficiaries and “Arunodoi Scheme Beneficiary List” for this scheme to start from August 17, 2020. In This Whole Scheme 15 to 17 thousand families would be benefited per Assembly constituency by this scheme.  Financial help will be given through DBT. After the identification of beneficiaries of this scheme, finance department of the Assam will prepare a final beneficiary list on the basis of which, assistance will be transferred.

Arunodoi Scheme Beneficiary List

It will help people a lot. If we talk about Assam Govr it only includes two departments that are Finance and Budget. Through this post today we will give you information about the Arunodoi or Orunodoi scheme. If you want to take benefit of this scheme then read this post till the end. Assam government will bear 210 crore rupees per month for the Arunodoi scheme. A woman member of each family will be made the beneficiary of the scheme. The scheme is a step forward for women empowerment. In the Beneficiary List of Arunodoi Scheme all the names of Women will be included. Himanta Biswa Sarma said Women being primarily home makers would become the beneficiaries of the scheme and the amount will be deposited in the women citizens’ accounts.

Key Points of Arunodoi Scheme Assam

Friends Financial assistance will be given to the women of the family so that they can be self-reliant. This scheme will make women empowered. The amount will be directly transferred to the bank account of the beneficiary. Rs 2,80,000 crore has been set aside for this scheme. Under Orunodoi scheme, Rs 830 will be provided for the next 5 Years. The amount provided is carefully calculated and broken down. Rs. 400 has been allotted for the purchase of Medicines, Rs. 150 for vegetables. and rest for 4 Kgs of Ration and 4 Kgs of Sugar.

  1. Tectonic shift in Governance delivery and poverty alleviation.
  2. Minimum guarantee to the poorest for nutrition and health.
  3. Annually Rs. 10000 to 27 lakh poor households through Direct Benefit Transfer.
  4. Rs. 400 for medicines and Rs. 430 for pulses, sugar and fruits & vegetables.
  5. Transfer of money directly to the primary care-takers of households i.e. women.

Benefits of Arunodoi

  • Rs. 830 monthly grant to the Women.
  • A total of Rs. 10,000 for the Medical & Nutritional support of the family.
  • Priority has been given to the primary caretaker of the family.
  • Additionally, Specially abled female, specially-abled household member, Widow/ Divorced/ Unmarried/ Separated Female will get priority.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

This list will be generated only after the proper identification and scrutiny of prospective beneficiaries by the Department. It is likely to be published on the official portal of the scheme. Only those candidates will be benefited under this scheme whose names will be there in the list.

  1. Only Women are eligible.
  2. Annual income of the family should be less than Rs. 2 lakh p.a.
  3. Priority shall be given to primary caretaker of the family.
  4. Additionally, Widow, Unmarried Female will get priority.

Check Arunodoi Scheme Beneficiary List

The process to check the beneficiary list will be updated in due course as the department has not launched any official portal this scheme yet. Applicants are advised to keep the application receipt with care so that they easily access the beneficiary list.

  1. The Beneficiary selection process will be start form 17th of August 2020.
  2. 17 to 18 Lakh beneficiary will be get the benefits of 830 Rs witch will be credited direct into the bank account of them via DBT.
  3. If you think that you are a Orunodoi Scheme Beneficiary Then you need to visit the official Portal.
  4. There is nonofficial portal launch till now. So you need to wait for few more days.
  5. To Download Arunodoi Scheme Beneficiaries List you have to visit the Assam Government official Portal.

Arunodoi Scheme Payment Status

  1. To Find out the Payment Status you need to search your name in the beneficiary List. For that you need to follow some steps.
  2. For this scheme, you have to visit the official portal and Search you name or Adhara number.
  3. The selection of the beneficiary will be based on the government data of Assam.
  4. So you need to wait for the launch of official portal.
  5. We hope that with the help of our procedure you will find the Arunodoi Scheme Status Online.
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How you can check Arunodoi Scheme Beneficiary List?

This list will be generated only after the proper identification and scrutiny of prospective beneficiaries by the Department

Who are Eligible for Aurondoi Scheme?

only poor families with at least a female member will be considered for this particular scheme.

Whats is the Official Portal to Check Beneficiary List?

As of now no official portal is available but soon it will be released by the Assam Finance Department.

What is the Official Date to launch this Scheme?

Scheme is Launch on 2nd of October 2020.

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